Monday, 29 December 2008

Surveys and Points Earners

As the title suggests these sites are about online surveys and web pages were you earn points to convert into cash. If you have been a part of type of site like this before I do not blame you for being cautious. There have been a lot of sites out there that claim that if you give them so much money then you will earn more. I think all of those types of sites have now been shut down by the police in various countries. They all sounded to good to be be true and they were.

So that's why I stay away from those particular sites and I urge you to do the same. Remember I am not here to rip you off. I am here to show you how to make your money, invest it and allow your money to earn you more money.

One of the sites that I have been a part of for the last 5 years is RewardsCentral formerly Emailcash. This is an Australian site that allows you to earn points via a daily survey, clicking on adds and trying to win a daily n umber draw. The most points you can earn from the survey and add click in 5 points. Each point is worth roughly one cent.

RewardsCentral also allow you to buy products from other companies through them and they will give you so many points per transaction. This ranges from book shops, travel agencies, computer sellers, DVD's and CD's and more. Most of the companies that are listed with RewardsCentral are well known companies that have good and reliable service.

"So what?" You say, "Points that earn me only one cent won't make me rich." This I agree with and will not make you rich. But it is not intended to. This is a way of slowly gaining a little bit of extra cash that you can invest. Remember rich people live of the money they have invested not the money they have worked for. If you want to be rich you need to be investing not spending, but I will talk about that later post.

Another page I subscribe to is MyOpinion. This is a sister site to RewardCentral. This site is based on answering survey for points. This is a good site that offer a lot of survey and once you have your points you can transfer them through the RewardsCentral to get a better pay out.

I do recommend both sites. They will take a bit of time to build points and they alone will not be your path to success. As I said they will help you to gain extra money that in the long run will help you to retire early. But to ensure that you get the most out of both sites here is a few tips.

  1. Visit RewardsCentral and MyOpinion every day. It will take you about 5 minuets and you can quickly do it in your spare time.
  2. At RewardsCentral Click on the daily survey, the web click and the guessing game. At do the daily surveys.
  3. Send all of your MyOpinion points to RewardsCentral ASAP.
  4. At RewardsCentral as soon as you get 100 points put them in the ebank they have for 6 months and they will earn you interest. And every time you get 100 points stick them the bank as well. If you do everything that be can be done daily at both sites you will earn about 100 points a month.
  5. If you are going to buy from a shop on line then see if it is at RewardsCentral and shop there. It wont cost any different but you will get those points that will help build your total and start paying out.
That should help you get a start. Its not hard and it is easy to set up. Remember to be patient and use what they offer to build your points.
I'll give you a few more places in my next post but do yourself a favour a get moving. No one becomes rich by doing nothing, even lottery wins had to go and get tickets. Its up to you to make yourself rich. I will help buy supplying the tools.

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