Friday, 27 February 2009

Be careful of what advice you buy

As a person interested in making money and lots of it I often look for people that are willing to share their information. Their is a lot of people want to help you become rich. They have made their money and now they are ready to share it with you.

But it will cost you. And I will cost you big time. I have seen courses on developing you financial intelligence selling from $5000 and up. DVD’s on property development for $10,000.

Now I have no problem with people selling their knowledge, I do exactly that myself. And I believe that if people really want good information then they will be willing to pay for it. People give free information much credit. But if they buy the information then they will be more willing to listen and take note of what it tells them. The only problem I have is with the cost of some of the courses.

The main reason I have a problem with these courses is fact that they charge so much. $2,000 for a seminar on share investments, $5,000 on replacing your income, $10,000 on building a property portfolio. If you paid out all of that it’s nearly $20,000 before you have even started to make any money. All that has happened is that the person selling the information is sitting back adding to their already massive fortune.

I’m not saying in anyway that people can’t make a profit on their information, but from here they just look greedy. They could sell for half the price, make a profit and still have a decent respect for their product.

And what annoys me the most is the fact that most of this information can be learnt for a tenth of the price, if your willing to do a bit of reading and trial and error. And lets face facts, not matter what information you buy from somebody telling you how to avoid certain mistakes, you will still make them anyway and find a few new ones that they never covered.

What would you rather do, give away you hard earned $20,000 to someone that already has a fortune, or invest it in property or shares? Sure in share and property you may loose the money, but you will also run the risk if making a profit and getting you on the road to wealth. It not a really hard question is it?

As I said earlier you can also gain the same information from books. Most books on build financial intelligence, property investment, share investment and lowering taxes and protecting your assets cost about about $25 to $50. If you only read ten books that's only $500 and you can be out putting the theory into practice as you go. Plus the information in books allows you have a bit of flexibility and add your own ideas into the mix to make sure things fit to your needs.

If you still want to go and do a course then that's great. If it fits your needs then go for it and I hope you make your wealth. However one thing I have noticed about courses is that they only tell you the same information that was in the book.

I had someone recently try to sell me a financial course for $5000. To try and sell the product they emailed me a contents list of this course. It was very impressive. It went into a lot of detail. I only had one problem with it. I already knew everything they were talking about. I got most of the information from a free eBook they were promoting and the rest from reading various other books that had only cost me $250 all up.

So instead of giving this rich person my hard earned $5000 I put it into shares, using a strategy that had only cost me $29.99 to learn. It was the same strategy he was flogging, but because I took the time and effort to go and learn it for myself I didn’t waste my money.

And this is what I want you to remember. Paying to go to courses is not wrong or foolish, but you need to ensure that the course is right for you and not just going to take away your money. If you are just starting to make a bit of money then read first, invest and make your money. Once you are doing better you can then attend courses to fine tune what you are doing. But if you only have $5000, don’t blow it on course, invest it.

The rich don’t need your money, you do. Put yourself first. Your worth it.

Terrence Shadwell

p.s. Yes I know another plug for my web page. However this time I want to direct you to the book section of the web page. There are a lot of books about financial intelligence and they are at a good price. Also the other book section has some that are very good.

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