Monday, 9 February 2009

Greed On The Net

Its funny. Even after reading all the wealth creation books and listening to their advice about how to make money and not to let greed blind you and take you away from a tried and true method, I still fall for it some times.

Greed is such a powerful emotion and when we give in to it we get lost in it and loose all perspective on what is happening around us. We become envious, angry and spiteful at those that have more than what we have and at those we believe are standing in our way.

And thanks to the Internet greed is being promoted far and wide. Through various web pages and different channels people that are already greedy are sitting back trying to get us to be a part of their greedy existence. They promote get rich quick schemes on how to make that fast buck on the net. However the only people getting any money is them and we still jump through the hoops.

And when we finally realise that we are not getting rich and just giving our hard earned money to somebody for no return we feel stupid. We feel stupid not just because we lost out money, but because we got so caught up in what ever it was that we didn't pay attention to those around us, we put things off and we offended people just because we wanted more money right now.

Plus all that money that we have lost could have been invested into our bank accounts or other investments and could have made us money.

But such is the power of greed. And the sharks that prowl the waters of the Internet are quite vicious and have the ability to make us feel that our pain is something to enjoy.

HOWEVER, the Internet is not a bad place. Just one to be aware of and take precautions. Don't give your bank details, or credit card details to web pages that look dodgy. Don't send anything to Nigeria, no matter how original the emails may seem. Don't let greed control your wallet.

And the big one. If it looks to good to be true then it most probably is.

But their is still money to be made on the Internet. Google Adwords and Google Adsence are two great products for making money. They can make you a fortune if you are prepared to read and research everything you can about them. But most of the time they can make you a nice little bit of extra money.

Of course eBay is still a good money maker if you want to sell via them.

But the one thing you must remember, money will always be made through tried and tested methods. Having a web page to sell products works, but you need to get the right advice about how to market your web page.

And of course you need to invest your money. You may make a fortune on line, but if you spend it all then it was a waste. If you invest it you will always have it there to live off.

You can be a little greedy in what you want, but you can not let it rule your head. Don't listen to the rip off merchants that will only take your money and leave you high and dry. Play it sensible and calm. Research all you can before you take your first step.

And Finlay. When I started my web page ( business it was to sell and promote my products. It was a sales tool and nothing more. However over the last few weeks I have been spending more and more time on it. And I can kick myself because of it.

I want to help you become rich and do the things that you want to do in life, and that is not spending all your time on the Internet. Use the Internet as a tool, set it up to run as you would like, let it make you money and then go and live your life away from it. Don't let greed keep you sitting in front of it as the world goes by.

You only have one shot at life, do you really want to waste it in front of a computer.

I'll speak to you again next Monday 16/2/2009

Terrence Shadwell

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