Thursday, 19 March 2009

I’ve got a good feeling about this

Step 3 Make other people feel good

Ok here is the third step in our ten about making you feel good. And funny enough it has little to do with you. It’s all about making other people feel good.

When you help somebody else feel good in their life you feel good. It’s not rocket science it’s just common sense. Go give it a try and see if I’m lying. To make it easier let’s go back to step one about smiling. Smiling makes you feel happy and if you smile at some one else and they smile back they will feel happy.

So go find someone right now and approach them with a big and genuine smile. I bet they smile back. Instantly you have made them feel better. Now you can feel the double affects of smiling and making someone else happy.

Of course that’s only way of making someone else feel good. Another way is lending a hand when they need help. Whether it’s business or personal related helping someone get something done makes them feel good. They will be appreciative and you can walk away knowing that you did something nice.

The other day at the supermarket a woman’s bag of groceries broke and spilt across the floor. I had two choices. I could just walk away and leave her there to pick it herself or I could lend a hand. For me it was more important to help than to leave her struggling by herself. After we had picked up everything she was happy and appreciative I walked away happy knowing that I had made her feel good.

If you enjoy helping people like I do then you can join various groups and associations that do just that. I am a member of Rotary; however there are other clubs such as Lions. Each club works to help people in their community and on a global scale. There are also many volunteer organisations that help people every day. It’s a great feeling to be out helping people and I highly recommend being a member of Rotary or Lions or becoming a volunteer.

But that’s not the only way of helping people out. Sometimes you may know someone that is down and depressed. They may just need to talk to someone. That’s when you can really help. Allowing someone to get a problem of their chest can really make someone feel better. It displays caring on your behalf, and we all like to know that there is someone out there that cares about us.

And of course if you want to make someone feel good make them laugh. This is easier if you can laugh at yourself. Have a joke or do something silly. Either way laughing is always good.

That’s it for this week.

The Super Spunky and Very Attractive (This isn’t supposed to be funny!)

Terry Shadwell

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