Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Smile, its not that bad

Welcome back. Over the next few weeks we will run through a ten step program that will help you to feel better in your life and get you more motivated. These steps are different from what is in my motivational course (on sale now at www.livingyourdreams.webcitypro.com). These steps are simple easy guides to how to make instant improvement in your life.

Step One: SMILE

It may sound simple but if you want instant happiness in your life all you have to do is smile. I know you probably think that I am mad, but give it a try. Take a big cheesy grin for a test run and tell me how it handles. Go on, give it a try.

How do you feel? Happier? I bet you do. The reason is, you cant feel two emotions at once. You cant be sad and happy at the same time, or angry and happy, or disappointed and happy or whatever and happy. It just doesn't work.

Sure you can be angry, smile make yourself happy, then go back to being angry again. But you have to work at making yourself angry again, and is it worth that effort. But enough of that.

The reason I want you to smile in your life and smile more often is because it is good for you and changes how you look at the world. It allows you to see the world in a different light, different from how you see the world when your angry or sad.

As we already know simply smiling makes you feel happier. However it can also make other people feel happy. You smile at someone they are more likely to smile back. That then makes you happy and then happy. And what a terrible world to live in when everybody is happy.

And since smiling makes you happy you are now more open to seeing opportunities in your life. When you angry or sad you are not looking for new opportunities and see most things as a chore and a hassle. However when you happy your eyes are open and you are willing to do more and take on new challenges.

Think about this, two people stand at the bottom of a hill. The angry one sees the walk up as a hassle and they get even more upset. the happy one sees it as an opportunity to loose some extra weight. It how you see the world that makes a difference in your life, and happy people see the world a lot better.

Another great thing about smiling is it helps you to distress. Because you are changing your attitude and looking at old problems in a different light it helps to take away stress. It helps you to relax and start afresh.

I do understand that sometimes it can be a little hard to just smile and make yourself feel better so there are few little things you can do to make you smile. Listen to your favourite music, visit friends, play with your kids or pets, watch or listen to something you find funny.

In the end it doesn’t matter how you make yourself smile, what does matter is that you do smile. This is your first step in a great new life. A step into a world with fantastic opportunities in be more motivated, losing weight, make more money or whatever it is you want to do. If you want the world can be your oyster.

And that should be enough to make you smile.

I’ll be back soon with step 2, laughing at yourself.

Terrence Shadwell

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