Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Chewing the Fat

Step 8 Exercise

To two words in the English language that most people do not like to hear, they are diet and exercise. Why? Because many people see diet as having to go without the things they love, and exercise as something that will cause them pain. However both can be quite pleasurable and good for you.

A good diet (and not the fad diets from the trashy magazines) can help you lose a lot of weight, but it does not mean that you need to go without the foods you love. A good diet will take into account the various foods you need to eat and allow you to still retain some of the more pleasurable foods. They deal more with moderation than starving. I would suggest seeking out a qualified dietician if you are serious about losing weight.

Regardless of what people think about exercise, it can be a lot of fun. First of all it helps you to lose weight. That is enjoyable just by itself. There is not better feeling than knowing that your clothes are now too big for you. Plus as you lose weight you can do more. It’s not that hard to climb stairs or to walk a few steps.

Exercise can also be very sociable. If you are playing sport on a team it is a very social activity. You get to meet new people, feel part of a team, run around and lose weight and have a laugh and a chat at the end of the match. You can also make some good friends though sport. I still see people from my old football team even though I have not played for nearly ten years.

Exercise doesn’t have to revolve around a sporting team either. Just going for a walk with friends can be just as good. Walking and talking, it is great fun. You lose weight and catch up with what has been happening in your friend’s lives.

However if you are like me and like to go out and walk or run by yourself then there are still plenty of benefits. Exercise gets you blood pumping around your entire body, including your brain. I find when I am out running that my brain works the hardest. On some of my runs I have come up with some of my best ideas.

Exercise is also good for de-stressing. It gives you the opportunity to work out your problems as you walk or run. Exercise helps to lower any aggression you may also be feeling. If you really want to de-stress and get rid of any aggression, get a punching bag. They work a treat, trust me.

The final reason for exercise is sex. This is a double whammy. The fitter you are the better the sex you can have. However, the best thing about sex it is a physical activity that can help you lose weight (unless you get pregnant), be more sociable, get your brain working, and help you de-stress.

No matter how you exercise you will feel better about yourself. You will sleep better and feel more energised throughout your entire day.

So get out and get active.

Terrence Shadwell

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