Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Green Eyed Monster

Step 6 Ridding yourself of Jealousy

Don’t you just hate how other people have more than you? They have a bigger house, flasher car and more money than you. It just plain sucks doesn’t it? Couldn’t you just hate them?

Well if you answered yes to the above questions it means that you suffer from jealousy, and it can be a big problem. You see jealousy distorts our view of the world and corrupts our moral beliefs. Let me explain.

If we become jealous of somebody because we don’t have what they have we can very quickly become angry with that person. Jealousy stops us from thinking rationally; we just get angry because it is easier to do. The problem then is once you are angry with a person it can quickly lead to hatred. You hate them because they have what you don’t. By now jealousy has corrupted you your mind totally and for some people they drop all their moral beliefs and seek revenge on the people they are jealous of.

However through all of this we did not stop to ask some very simple questions. Such as, why does this person have more? What did this person do to get where they are? We just decided that the person who has everything we want was somebody to hate. It was quicker and simpler then to ask another simple question. What do I need to do to have what they have?

Jealous people don’t want to ask the tough questions. They want to hate other people who have more than them and blame the successful people of the world for their problems. They want to sit back, do nothing and expect that the world owes them a living. The fact that other people have worked hard to achieve all they have does not entre their minds.

In the long run jealous people just end up wasting time on being jealous and never achieve anything. Yet this does not need to be the case. We need to get past being jealousy and move to envy. Where jealousy shuts our mind down envy opens it up to new possibilities.

Envious people don’t hate others for having more; they seek out successful people and ask them questions. What did you do to achieve your success? How long did it take you? How hard did you work? How can I achieve the same results? And, can you show me how to be successful like you? Most people will be happy to show you and willing to help you to achieve. Why? Because most of them were once in the same position as you and they too moved past jealousy and embraced envy.

Envy can be great for motivation. It pushes you and drives you to succeed. Envious people realise that the only way that they are going to be successful in life is if they go out and make themselves successful. Just like I know that you can go out and make yourself successful.

So let’s stop hating people that have more. Stop sitting back and blaming them because we did not go out and do the hard work to achieve what they have. Let’s stop being jealous. We will become envious. Start asking questions on how we will be successful. Start asking the people that have what you want how they achieved it. Seek out their guidance and support. And we will work hard and take the steps to success.

See you next week.

Terrence Shadwell

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