Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A World of Knowledge

Step 7 The power of Learning

Welcome back. This week we are looking at the importance of continued learning and how it can shape your life.

I’ll make a distinction between learning and education from the start. Education is based around a formal academic environment. Schools, TAFE’s and Universities. It relies on theory and exams on issues that you rarely care about and has little relation to the real world, except for the ability to read, write and count.

Learning on the other hand is what happens in the real world to real people. Learning comes from your everyday experiences and through reading such things as newspapers and book. There are no tests and very little theory. Most of what you learn comes from trial and error and the desire to gain a better understanding about a topic you are interested in.

The most important aspect of learning comes from the ability to learn from your mistakes. In life we all make mistakes, that's a part of being human. However, to many people fail to realise what went wrong and go back and do the same thing again ending up with the same results. They didn’t take time to review their situation and learn from the event. If they had they would have seen what went wrong, changed what they were doing and tried again, most likely have a better success.

The top businesses in the world do this on a daily basis. They review how things went for the day and then implement changes to insure that things go better the next day. If they didn’t they would be out of business very quickly.  So you need to be looking at what you are doing on a regular basis and be ready to change if it is not working for you.

Another aspect of learning in opens up your mind to new possibilities and to change. Whether it is learning from your mistakes or through reading you start to see the world differently. You start to see more possibilities and opportunities. If you learn about investing or motivation or how to play tennis, you now have a better understanding of how these things work. It gives you a chance to do something in that area that you have never done before.

It also allows you to accept change easier. Now that you have more knowledge in a certain area you will be more willing to give it a try. Take investing in houses. Most people have little idea of what they should do when investing into house. However, if they read a few books, attend a few seminars and seek some help, they will be willing to change their ideas about investing in houses and give it a shot.

The last issue about learning is that it helps to de-stress. People get worked up and anxious about things they don’t know about, or when they have made a mistake. By learning about that area or reviewing their mistake people come to find that it wasn’t about bad as they first thought. They don’t feel as worried and they can more on and try something new.

So learning is important. It helps you to stop making the same mistakes over and over again. It helps you to accept new ideas and change into your life. It can also help remove stress from your life.

To be successful in life you need to be able and willing to learn. Remember Richard Branson, Donald Trump and Bill Gates never finished their formal education, but they went out and learned what they needed to be successful. They made their mistakes, but they only made them once.

And there is no reason you can’t be as successful as them. You just need to learn what they did.

Terrence Shadwell

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