Sunday, 10 May 2009

These Tears I Cry

Step 9 Letting Go Of Your Emotions

One of the major steps in making yourself feel successful is ensuring that you do not hold in your emotions. That doesn't mean that you want to get angry in public and star ranting and raving. It means that you cannot afford to bottle your emotions and let them build up in side you. You need to find a place to let them out.

The first emotion you need to let out is anger. Letting anger build up inside you is not at all healthy.  When you become angry and hold it, you then carry that anger throughout you entire day taking it out on people that have not done anything to deserve it. When you are angry at people for no reason, they become angry with you and your day just continues to goes downhill.

Plus holding in anger makes you tense and can lead to stress. I don't know how many doctors I have heard talking about stress and the health problems it causes. All I do know is that it is not good.

There are plenty ways of letting your emotions out as well. The first one is going for a walk or exercising. Exercise is good for de-stressing. Exercise helps to lower any aggression you may are feeling. You will burn up adrenaline and get a boost of positive energy (Potter-Efron, 2005).

As you exercise you can work through you problem and sort out your issues. Plus, I know that I have said this before, but a good punching bag is invaluable. If you attack it with all of your pent up anger you will soon find it gone.

Another way to let your emotion out is by having a good cry. Crying is one of the best healthy ways to get out suppressed emotions. Crying releases endorphins which are hormones that act as both mood elevators and pain killers. That’s why you feel much better after crying.

There is nothing wrong with having a cry either. I know that the older I get the more emotional I become and I must admit I am becoming a big softy. If I see a story on the news about an animal being hurt I am crying in seconds. However I have no problem with this because it allows me to get my emotions out.

If you don't feel like exercising or having a cry then you need to talk to someone about your problems. You need to find a friend that you can talk to and let it all out with them. I know that sometimes it can be hard to find someone to talk to, but that doesn’t mean that you are all alone. It does not matter if you are religious or what religion you are, you can always confide in a priest. They are trained to talk to people and help them out. Plus they care.

If you don't feel like talking to them you can also contact Help Line ( They will listen to any problems that you have. They are trained professionals and most of them have been through similar problems so they are talking from experience.

Whatever way you choose in unimportant as long as you don't hold your emotions in and let them start causing you health problems.

That’s it for this week. Next week will be our final in our ten step program, but it will not be the end of this column.

Terry Shadwell

P.S. Don’t forget the web page . Over the next few months I will be adding a lot more.

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