Sunday, 14 June 2009

Be The Best That You Can Be

Be The Best That You Can Be.


I was watching the news the other night when they started talking about the young Portuguese soccer play Ronaldo. He had just switched teams from Manchester United to Real Madrid and will be receiving $400,000 per game.  That means that every 3 weeks he will make $1.2 million. That’s a lot of money in anybody’s language. That money does not include all the money  he will make from endorsements, advertising and interviews which will also run into the hundreds of millions.  Then there is all the benefits that come with his position such as being flown around the world and staying at the best hotels at other peoples expense, just to name a few. The funny thing is, if you think Ronaldo is earning a lot then spare a though for David Beckham, he still earns more.


So how do these people do it? How do they end up getting so much money? Were they just lucky? Were they just in the right spot at the right time?  Were they driven to be rich? Well the simple answer for these questions is no. They make a lot of money because they have become the best that they can be in their chosen area. If they had chosen to focus on making money then they would never have made it.  The same can be said for musicians, actors, business people and you.


You will never make money by focusing on money. It may sound funny but you can’t be good at money. You can be good at playing a sport or running a business but you can’t be good at money. Even a stockbroker isn’t good at money, they are good at reading the stock market and evaluating everything that comes their way, that’s when they make money. Money is an item just like a TV. You can be good at being  TV and money is just the same. So you need to work at being good at doing or making something, that’s is when you will start to see the rewards.


Take a good builder, he builds a good house and he will probably get good money for it. Now take a fantastic builder, he will build a fantastic house and get fantastic money for it. The good builder can’t ask the same price for his house as the fantastic builder because it is only good not fantastic. To get the same money as the fantastic builder the good builder needs to improve his workmanship, his tools, his knowledge and so on. The same can be said for you.


You can’t expect to be paid fantastic money or be given opportunities if you are not prepared to continually improve yourself and be the best that you can be. If you are just mediocre then that is the type of money and opportunities you will get. The more skilled workers will be given more chances to make more money through promotion or being whisked away by other firms that recognised their talents. If you want that to happen to you then you need to be better. 


You have to always remember that the people that have passed you by and are now earning more money, not because they focused on being rich, but because they focused on being the best they could be at their job or sport, etc.  So you need to ensure that you keep on learning and  keep applying you knowledge and effort to everything that you do. If you do you will see that the better you become the more opportunity to make money will appear.


When you focus on making money you are not working on being the best in your chosen area. You look at ways of making or saving money, ignoring that talents and skills that will help you make money. You don’t need to go out searching for money and hoping that it will make you good. Money is out there looking for you, and it will come when you have made yourself good. Ronaldo isn’t a good soccer player because they pay him a lot of money. He gets a lot of money because he is a good soccer player.


There is no reason you cannot earn as much or even more than Ronaldo and Beckham combine if you become the best in your chosen area.  So don’t focus on becoming good at money, focus on becoming good at something that will earn you a lot of money.


Terry Shadwell


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