Monday, 8 June 2009

I must have tried about 15 different ways to start this article. I tried various stories, quotes, some song lyrics and even a picture, but nothing was working. I wanted to take time today to tell you how you can make yourself immune to failure yet I was failing at writing the very words to do so. I was sitting here thinking about how I was failing when it struck me that I wasn’t failing, I was just trying different methods of getting the article started. And that is the essence of being immune to failure.


Failure occurs when you do not learn from your mistakes. Try this example, you try to drive in a nail with the handle of a hammer and find it doesn’t work . That’s ok it is a mistake and we all make them, now you have to choices on how to get the nail in. The first choice is you keep on going and see if you can get the handle to do the job for you. This is failure. This is where you have not learnt from your mistakes and keep going blindly. The second choice is you turn the hammer around and use the head to drive in the nail. Whether or not the nail goes in is not important, the fact that you learnt from your mistakes means you haven’t failed. So you saw what was wrong and tried something new. You may try other ten times to get that nail in, but as long as you learn every time something goes wrong and take steps to fix it you will never fail


It took Edison 20,000 attempts to get the light bulb working. When asked about his failure he simply replied “I didn’t fail, I just found 20,000 method of not making the light bulb.” Every time something didn’t work he simply changed his approach and tried again until he got the bulb working. If he had not learnt from his mistakes then he would have failed, and this can be easily applied to your life.


It doesn’t matter whether it is in business, at work, at school or in life in general, you need to take notice if what goes wrong. You then need to examine what caused the problem, what can be done to fix it and how you can prevent it from happening again. Learning from the mistakes and fixing them. But if you just keep on doing the same thing and not learning from your mistakes then you will be doomed to failure for the rest of your life.


The only other way to fail is never trying in the first place. People that sit back and watch life go by, to afraid to do anything in case they fail have already failed. You need to take action take action in your life an try things. You avoid talking to that active woman because you’re afraid that you’ll look like a failure if she turns you away. Unfortunately you have already failed by sitting there and doing nothing. At least if you talk to her and she says no, you can review what happened and then try a different approach with somebody else.


Learning is the key. Learn what went wrong, learn how to fix it and learn how to ensure that it never happens again. This is how you make yourself immune to failure.


So now I have finished the article. I thought when I started that I would never get it done. However I was not prepared to give up. That would have been failure, just if I had tried to keep writing with the same open that wasn’t working. By changing my approach and my ideas I have now been successful.


So the next time something goes wrong don’t throw up your hands and walk away or keep trying the same thing if it’s not working. Change your approach and look at the problem differently. At the very least you will learn what is not working.


Terry Shadwell


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