Monday, 13 July 2009


Did I tell you that I am good looking? Not only that I am a millionaire, I have been into space twice ( as pilot of the space shuttle too), won an Oscar, directed Jurassic Park, been President of the U.S.A., and I currently holding talks with FIFA to get the World Cup in Warren. I am also a dud in bed!


I know you don’t believe me, and I don’t blame you. None of the first paragraph is true (except for the looks). It is all too farfetched to believe. No one in their right mind would believe anybody that makes such outrageous claims. So why do some people just keep filling our lives with such B.S.


Unfortunately some people can’t help it. They do it for attention. They need to be seen as being great and will say anything to make you think that they are perfect. The problem is that they then have to keep piling other lies on top of the original to try and make it stick.


Some lie to cover their mistakes or inability to do what needs to be done. They try to baffle us with lies so that we won’t see how much they are failing. They believe that they can keep people off their backs with lies long enough to fix the problem, but in the long run it all falls apart around them.


When the person it caught out for lying they then try to give more lies to get past it, tell us they were only joking or tell us we took it the wrong way. However that is the least of their problems. Once when somebody is caught out for lying they are never believed again.  Their credibility is lost and it takes them a long time to regain the trust they have destroyed. That is, of course, that the liar actually realises that they have been caught out and people no long believe them.


The best way to make sure that you don’t get caught out is to never tell lies. Ok, I know, we all tell lies, the thing is don’t tell lies are going to make you look stupid. White lies to stop people from feeling hurt are not bad but don’t overdo them.  However, try not to tell lies. It very hard to be caught out lying when you are telling the truth. Plus the truth is always far more interesting than lies.


The most successful business always try to be honest with their customers. People will always return to a business they feel has been up front with them. I have seen firsthand as a business owner lied to customer about delivery of products in an attempt to buy time.  It all came unstuck and in the long run the customers left and the business failed. If they had just told the truth, customers would have understood and stood buy the business.


So be honest. Tell people the truth about yourself, and if in business, be honest about your product and what it will do for them. They will  appreciate the honesty and will like you for the truth far more than the lies.


Ok that’s this week done. I’ll speak to you next week.


P.S. the web page is still undergoing changes, all the free stuff is still up, plus the new video.


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