Sunday, 19 July 2009

Let Your hair down

When was the last time you really let your hair down and had some fun? If you can’t remember then I can tell you it has been far too long. I know that in this modern world we are all busy, but you can never allow yourself to be too busy to have fun.

The one thing really annoys me is the fact that as people get older they believe that they need to be more serious. They believe that they are not allowed to laugh at the childish things in life and it is important to be seen as an adult. What a crock of poo. You can’t be expected to find something not funny just because society expects that of you. That is just being unrealistic in the expectations you are placing upon yourself.

As children we all loved rolling down hills, skipping along holding hands and playing hide and go seek. I bet if your over the age of 20 you have done these things for a while (unless playing with your grandkids). Is there a real reason why you don’t do this things, I mean they were fun when you were younger, so why did you stop?

I can see two main reasons why we stop doing the things we did when we were young. The first is you no longer find them fun? I can’t believe that for a minute. Ask and mother, father and/or grandparent and see if they have fun doing this with their children and see if they say no. They won’t because they enjoy it.

The second and the mains reason people stop playing their childhood games is because someone told you that you were now too old to play these games and that you had to conform and grow up. And I bet that ever since that day you stopped doing what you wanted and started to conform with what society expected of you. I don’t blame you, it good to fit in and be wanted, that is, if you like being the good little automaton like everybody else. Plodding through your day, checking your behaviour and making sure that you don’t do anything that will make you stand out in public.

Well I say to hell with that. The most successful people in life are the one that let their hair down, embrace their inner child and are prepared to standout. Stop being the same as everybody else and start being different. Skip to work, sing while you shop (I do) and let go of the expectations that you have put upon yourself. You only have one life, who cares what other people think about you, go have some fun.

And if other people don’t like your new attitude, just ignore them and keep on going.

I’m off now to have some fun and do what I want. I’ll catch you later, oh and if you see me shopping and I’m singing, come and join in.

Terry Shadwell

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