Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Big Bite

Did I tell you that I have an amazing super power? I really do. It’s not a fantastic super power such as flying or being able to see through wall or anything cool like that, but it is still amazing. What is it? It is the power to stick a whole Big Mac in my mouth at once and, and this is the amazing part, I can still chew it and swallow it without having to take it out again. Your stunned aren’t you. I know how you feel. I was pretty shocked the first time I did it as well. So was the girlfriend I was with. Well I think she was amazed, she just could have been disgusted, I can’t really remember. It was about 20 Years ago when I first learnt of my powers , and I haven’t used them for about 19 years.  Anyway I wouldn’t suggest that you try this at home if you don’t have super powers like me. Which brings me back to the main point of my article, don’t bite off more than you can chew.


In life we get busy and want to do as much as we can. We don’t want to miss out on things so we undertake a lot of tasks and sometimes we take on too much. I know how this feels. Currently I work full time, run a window cleaning business, run a web page for my motivational business, write for the newspapers, write and maintain two blogs (ones for the dog) plus I also need to do some marketing. This is all on top of my looking after the house, animals and finding time to relax.  However I don’t think that I am doing too as I am able to fit everything in without an one area sufferings. But I can tell you that I will not take on anything else. I would then be over loaded and things will suffer.


I see people all the time running around like chickens with the heads cut off. They have taken so much on that they cannot complete any of their tasks. They get swamped by their work and slowly drown in the ever increasing load. I normally find two types of people that fit into area, people that will not trust another ability, and people trying to prove themselves.


The first group, who don’t trust others create their own work load. They take on far too much but don’t want to share the work load as they believe that no else will do it as good as them. I watch people like this all the time. They are struggling under all the weight but refuse to share the work or even ask for help. However what they fail to realise is that the quality of their work is now suffering due to the fact that they were rushed just to get it completed. If they just learn to trust others and ask for help they would be far better off.


The second group are the people out to prove themselves. They want to look like hero’s and take on as much as they can. They want to impress people and believe that by doing all the work that they will look intelligent, or reliable, or like they are Mr/Miss Perfect. They don’t want other peoples help as they are afraid that the helper may take some of their glory. However, the problem is that they will only work hard on the project that will give them to most glory, everything is swept aside and excuses made for why the work was never done.


In the long run it doesn’t matter which type of person they are, the results are always the same. Someone who can’t complete the work to a satisfactory standard and person that is extremely stressed. They see a breakdown in their relationships and start suffering illness from their stress. However it does not have to be this way. There are some simple ways out of this dilemma.


You need to reduce the amount of work that you are doing. The first thing is ask for help. Never be too arrogant to think that only you can do it. A good manager employs people that are better at him/her in a particular area. Then the manager can trust that person. The second method is saying no to more work. If you have enough on your plate, then say no to more. You don’t have t do everything and you will better off completing all your current tasks to a high level than only half of them or all of them to only as half as good as they could have been.


So in simple terms ask for help and lower your work load.


That is my plans over the next few months. I will lowering my work load and I will be asking for help to do some of the stuff that I currently do myself.


As for shovelling another Big Mac into my mouth, those days are long past. Well that is until my super powers again to save the world. And I promise to use my powers for goodliness and not rottenness.


Terry Shadwell 


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