Saturday, 1 August 2009

I believe in you

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I have to tell you something thing that you may find a bit shocking and even a little bit disturbing: I don’t drink tea or coffee. I know what you’re thinking, “how can you not drink them?”. Most people think that when I tell them and most, just like you, are stunned that a mature person does not drink tea and coffee. They find almost incredible that I am not foolishly addicted to caffeine just like them.

So why is it such a problem for many people? One simple answer, they cannot and will not allow themselves to believe that people may like something different than the rest of the “civilised” world. If I was to tell people I was a vegan or Muslim they would be more accepting, but they find it very hard to accept that an adult does not do what every other adult on the planet does. And if there is one thing I know people hate is being asked to question the beliefs that they hold so dear.

People can become very angry if you make them question their beliefs. They will defend them no matter how right or wrong they are. They are not prepared to let go of what could be the very foundation for their current life. Some, not all thankfully, can become very violent and take extreme actions if you dare question the fundamentals of their existence.

It is a shame people become so agitated over such minor things such as beliefs. Let’s face facts, what you and I believe on certain subjects will always vary and neither of us are right, and neither are us are wrong. But does it matter? Of course not, in fact having differing beliefs allows us the opportunity to see the world in another light, to be creative and do different things.

So the best way to get through is not to question other peoples beliefs, it is to be more accepting of them. Listen to anther persons point of view and be willing to question your beliefs and not theirs.

Tolerance and acceptance are some of the fundamental principles to having a great life. You will be more open minded and willing to roll with the punches when they come your way. Being tolerant accepting and willing to roll with the punches will also make you happier. You won’t get your nose out of joint when someone talks about something you don’t believe in, or if they don’t participate in what you want them to. You will have a chance to look at the situation from their point of view and respect them instead of getting angry and tell them that they are wrong and stupid.

Well that’s my belief anyway.

So next time you ask if I want a cup of tea/coffee and I politely say no, you will be able to see it from my point of view. Don’t get upset because I just want water, or that, unlike most people (you?), I can jump out of bed happy everyday without the need for a caffeine fix. That annoys people more than anything else.

Ok I’ll talk to you all next week. Keep smiling, help others and relax.

Terry Shadwell

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