Sunday, 18 October 2009

Stubbornness is a Virtue

I got in trouble the other day for being stubborn. I get in trouble a lot for being stubborn but I had good reason this time. I set a goal a few years back that I would retire by 40. I was only in my twenties when I set this goal, but I was, and still am determined to be able to walk away from work by the time I hit the big four zero.

In just over 2 year I will be forty. For my goal to become a reality I need to be working and creating some extra income. That’s not hard, well, too hard anyway. But I got in trouble because my stubbornness refused to give in and say it was all too hard. I refused to give up on my dream.

Sure I admit that with a few of my extra cash ideas have not gone as good as I had hoped. But I know now that most of the reason that things didn’t work was because I didn’t have enough knowledge in the area I was working in. That has changed. However, now that I have learnt and continue to learn I can see a change ahead, and I refuse to give up.

I see too many people give up on their dreams and it really disappointing. There are too many people sitting around thinking about what they could have done if they had just continued, just learnt a little more, or just tried in the first place. Too many people living in broken dreams

No matter what happens, there is never a good enough reason to give up on your goals. You need to be committed and follow through at every step. To give an example I get up at six each morning and spend an hour and a half working on the business before I go to work. Then I will spend another hour after work doing a few more things.

It may seem like a lot of work but to me it is worth it. My focus on my goal is so strong that missing it will make me feel worse than any early morning ever will. The idea that I will have to continue to work until I am 67 fills me with dread. So I will continue to try and make money, save and invest.

I will say one thing though. While I am stubborn on not giving up my goal, I am not stubborn enough to ignore when something isn’t working. If thing don’t work then I will change my approach. Educate myself in the area I am working in, seek help, or change completely. Stubbornness and ignorance has never helped anybody achieve their dreams.

So do yourself a favour, no matter what your dream or goal, go for it and never give up. Never let anybody tell you you can’t do it. Be stubborn. And if people keep trying to tell you you can’t, get new friends.

Terry Shadwell

P.S. To show you that I can change, I shut down my web page over the school holidays. I do have a new page, but it is for marketing purposes only, but if you want to see it, go to and grab the Blog Link Generator, it will take you to the new page.

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