Monday, 30 November 2009

The Fat Man Cometh

In less than a month it will be Christmas. The one time of year when everybody should be happy, giving and joyful. Yeh right. Christmas is the one time of year when stress and anger go through the roof. The one time of year and people get abusive and start fights over the smallest problem.

There are few reasons for this level of stress and anger. The first is that it is the end of the year. Everybody is tired and looking for a break. After a long hard year the idea of a few days or weeks off is really appealing. The only problem is that it is still a few weeks away and we just want it now.

The second problem is that we need to go shopping and buy everybody presents. People we don’t see or talk to all year have to have presents bought for them. And what do we buy them? Another set soaps for Aunty Dot and the new version of the Koran crossword book for long lost Cousin Saddam (why hasn’t he written?), and it’s the same thing every year.

Then there is endless circling of shopping centre car parks to find a parking spot. Like birds of prey circling a kill, everyone is ready to pounce, using their cars as weapons. Then once you get your spot and head inside you have to fight through the crowds just to get milk and bread, or being dragged from shop to shop as you still can’t find that perfect present for mum.

And if that’s not bad enough you have to listen to endless jingles and Christmas song that have be recorded to death and redone by some artist that is only trying to cash in this year. Jim Barnes, Keith Urban, Brittany Spears please just stop, and not just with the carols either.

However this is nothing compared with the day itself. Most people dread Christmas day as they know it will bring arguments and fights. Relatives cranky or physical over a wrong word or sideways glance. A Christmas ruined by someone that didn’t know better, act their age or should have kept their mouth shut.

I wish I could give you a magic wand to help wish away all the problems, but we need to remember it’s the adversities that we face in life that make us stronger. You can use Christmas this year to build your patients, tolerance, and forgiveness. Let’s face facts, that is what the season is all about.

Be patient with those people in the car park, tolerant of the crowds in the shops and forgive those people who can be as patient or tolerant as you. As for the gifts for Aunty Dot, remember it is the thought that counts. If somebody gets upset over the present you give, it is not a reflection on you, but an indication of their selfishness. Forgive them and move on.

As for being tired and worn out from a long year, try and take time out before Christmas to relax. If everything isn’t perfect by the time the family comes around, it’s not the end of the world. They will still love you anyway.

Terry Shadwell

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