Thursday, 5 November 2009

Number One On Google - So What!

The other day I thought that I would check out my listing on Google. When I typed in my name, as that is what I am branding, I found that I was in the number one position. I also found that I dominated the first few pages.

"Wow", I thunk to myself, "this is pretty good, and I did it without even trying". I thought that this would be good and would help to bring traffic to my site. I mean it is well known that the number one spot on Google is the best place to be. 

However (and I say however because everyone else always say but), I also realised that being number one really didn’t mean a thing to me or my business. Who is looking for Terry Shadwell? I mean who sits down in front of the computer and types in my name, except me?

I am an unknown in the eyes of the world. I am not a rock god, I can’t act, and my adult industry career end after my first movie titled Mr Floppy. So who is looking for me, except my creditors? Who in their right mind just out of the blue thinks “Terry Shadwell, I better Google him?”

To be number one in Google is great, if you are what people are looking for. I hear too many people push the idea of being in the top search position, but are you in a niche that no one cares about? Who is going to buy Terry Shadwell ($20, going cheap, will give refunds).
I will try to stay number one in my niche and beat off that name stealing Hypnotherapist from Ireland (Hi Terry). But (oops I mean however) I don’t know if it will do me any good.

So what do I do? (Rhetorical question) Try and brand something else, or push on until I am world famous and good looking? Ok just world famous then. I think I will push on. Why, because I am number one on Google in my niche, and sooner or later people will get to know the name Terry Shadwell. Someday, somewhere, someone will desperate enough to want my body? That is, of course, if people get that desperate.

However (see sounds better than but) I find that I get more traffic from articles, Twitter and other social networking sites. I find that the social networking sites attract people that are interested in getting to know me, well, they want what I have to promote. I also find that putting myself into Wikipedia as one of the most notable people in Warren doesn’t hurt either.

So why this long winded rant about being number one on Google by one the best looking guys in the world (mum says I’m good looking so it must be true). Just to ensure that people who are new to the market realise that the information that other people give or sell to you may not always be 100% accurate.

Test everything, learn from your mistakes and success and be willing to not believe everything that people tell you.

Thanks for listening

Ter...... Ahhh you should know my name by now

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