Sunday, 20 December 2009

Back Up Your Information

A few weeks a back I came across a thread about someone that had lost all their work and information when their computer crashed. Being a smart person I decided that I needed to back up all my information. However, being a not so smart person I put it off.

Three days after I read the thread the external hard drive crashed taking with it all my pictures, business related programs, videos, music and much, much more. Fortunately I still had most on my computer and I was still able to work.

Two weeks ago I picked up a virus from a trusted web site. It went in and changed my internet explorer setting, my ability to open regedit and the ability to restore the computer. It got right into the operating system and stuffed everything.

I was able to back up what I had on the computer on to an older computer. I then reformatted my computer and reloaded everything. However I came close to losing everything.

I could handle losing business programs, handle losing music and movies, but the whole idea of losing our personal picture was devastating.

I did learn a lot from this experience.

1. Keep all your important information in a hard copy somewhere. That means print what you need to print and burn the rest on to CD or DVD. Its time consuming but worth it.

2. Back your emails up on a regular basis. If your using Outlook you need to back up to data management file. It has all your emails, addresses and settings. Put it on a hard copy, external hard drive or another computer.

3. Back up your favourites lists. It can be murder when you lose these. They are simple and easy and can be copied to hard copy or another computer in minutes. You can also back them up on line at some web sites.

4. Don't put it off. Don't wait until its to late or you will be like me and regret not taking action.

5. There are no such places as trusted web sites. Hackers and virus makers (words don't really convey my hatred of these scum) will attack any site just for the fun of it. They have no reason but to annoy. So make sure that you have good virus protection. I use McAffee for virus and good old Scotty Watch Dog to stop internal changes. Scotty's free and well worth it.

There is a happy ending to this tale of woe however. I was able to back everything up. My fiancé had most of our picture and music on her lap top, and two day after I got my computer running again the external hard drive came out of retirement and is working fine again.

This may not be the case for you. Back everything up, now, and save yourself the hassles in the future. Sure it’s a pain printing and burning and backing everything up, but it’s better than losing the lot. 

P.S. after the hard drive crashed and before I got the virus I accidently deleted my My Document folder which had everything in it. I think I sat there for five minutes like a stunned mullet not believing what I had done. Lucky enough one of my friends that knows more about computers than I quickly found it again. I came close to kissing him, close.

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