Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Get Started

I was reading an article in a business magazine a little while back about the importance of starting a business. Some people were stating that the most important thing is a business plan. They were adamant that without a good business plan you would fail.
However, there was one person that stated that the key to starting a good business is starting. They said that too many people focus on getting the business plan right and never starting the business.
I have to say I agree. The people that spend every waking moment working on a business plan are normally the people procrastinating. They have a great idea but they are afraid to start a business because they are afraid of what might happen.
The funny thing is, unless you are trying to get a bank loan, you don’t need a business plan. All you need is a good set of goals.
You need to have goals that are well defined, achievable and measurable. When you have goals of such nature then you are more likely to achieve your goals.
You see a business plan is just a set of goal anyway. They are just your business goals.
But goals are not enough. You need to have determination, enthusiasm and confidence. You need to be able to pick yourself up when things don’t go to plan, you need to be able to bounce back and learn from what went wrong.
But most of all you need to start your business. A business plan, goals, determination, enthusiasm and confidence are no match for experience. You need to get the experience of running the business.
No matter how good you are at everything else, there will always be something you didn’t think of or plan for, and your fancy business plan is useless.
One sad fact that most people don’t realise is that most first time business fail. This is normally due to lack of experience.  In fact most of the richest people in the world have failed in business. All they did was learn what went wrong and start again.
You need to be aware that your first attempt at a business will probably go wrong.  Its not a bad thing, just be aware. And if you know it might fail, then lower the cost of starting your business. Don’t borrow hundreds of thousands and then wind up bankrupt.
So if you want to start a business, not matter what it is, start. Set your goals and start learning what the business teaches you. Don’t waste your time thinking if only or one day. Do it now, lower your cost and take a chance.
Terry Shadwell
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