Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Gift Of Giving

Last year I wrote an article about helping other people. I wrote how it helps to make you feel good and how it is beneficial to your life. Well today I want to talk about the power of giving. I am not just talking here about the giving of money, but in giving your time, your energy and you your whole soul to help benefit people.

Have you ever met a person that is working to help people on the street, or helping those in countries less fortunate than our? They are passionate people who have a lot of enthusiasm and motivation. They also seem to have a great inner peace and understanding.

This comes from the knowledge that everything that they do is helping others. They are not focused on themselves; they are focused on making sure that others around them can have a great life.

And through all of this they never seem to struggle or miss out on the regular things that the rest of us have in life. In fact they often have more. Why? Because when you give of yourself, the world gives back.

The people that help others give out hope, respect, confidence, love and honesty. They get this back, not only from those that they help, but from other that have watched them and seen the great things that they do.

Now I not say that the quickest way to wealth is to give it all away. And I am definitely not saying that you should go and help somebody because you are hoping to get something out of it. To do so takes away the whole reason for helping people. You have to help people because they need it, not so that you benefit from it.

So how do you help people? There are many ways. The first and the most convenient for most people is to donate money. We can’t all fly to a third world country, and it does not show you to be a bad person because you have to honour your commitments you already have in life. A donating to a charity group is a good start.

There are community groups, religious groups and various organisations that you can also join to help others in your local area. Through a donation of your time and effort you can make a difference to the people in your community and to the community in general. They will do things from feeding and sheltering the poor and unfortunate through to fund raising and home visits.

There is also international organisation that allow you to do anything from donating money through to travelling abroad to help people in another country. Teacher, engineers, doctors, nurses and a whole range of people are needed each year to help though in less fortunate places build a better life for themselves.

So start helping yourself by helping others. Give what you can in time or money or both to those who need your help. Give because you want to give, not because you feel you have to your think you may get something back.  It doesn’t matter how big or small, it makes the world a better place.

Oh, and you will get something back, honour, respect, confidence and pride. That makes you instantly successful.

Terry Shadwell

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