Friday, 12 February 2010

A Better Choice

Last year I wrote an article about decision making. I talked about how important it is in your life to have the ability to make decisions. The people that have trouble making decisions are the ones that will struggle through life and never achieve their dreams.
While making decisions is important, today I wanted to talk to you about choice and the choices you make. We are faced with choices every day; from what time we get up, what we will eat through to what time we will go to bed. Some choices can be simple and not take much though, and other may take a lot of consideration without a clear understanding of what the outcome of our choice may be.
One of the best things about a human being is the ability to evaluate the information we have in from of us and to choose an option that that is most beneficial for us. It is important to remember that the quality of life that we live is a direct result of the quality of choices we make.  The better your choices, the better quality of life you will have.
The people that are living in big houses, with flashy cars, big boats and the lifestyle we want have made choices that were beneficial to them. They chose to take action, obey the laws, put in all the effort that was needed and seek help from others. They also chose to take full responsibility for their choices and learn when things went wrong.
On the other hand those people rotting away in gaol, doing drugs or just wasting their live have not made very good choices.  They do not obey laws, take action or seek help. They don’t take responsibility for the choices, blame others and keep repeating their mistakes.
It can be hard sometimes to know what is the right and wrong choice to make. We will not always have all the information we need to make a fully informed choice, but that is just the way of life. A decision is required and you will just have to go with what looks best at the time. If it works out, great, however, if it was not the best choice, you then need to take action to make it better. Choose to take responsibility and complete the work, not to blame others and complain.
I also know that we have moments of weakness were we feel like giving up. We know longer want to do the work, stick to the diet, continue to study or we just feel like that chocolate. It is now that your choices matter. Choosing to continue, especially when you want to throw in the towel, is what creates that quality of life that you want.
So next time you need to make a choice, you need to think will it make my life better or worse. If you always choose better than you will have a fantastic life.
Terry Shadwell

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