Tuesday, 23 February 2010


On the weekend I caught the train from Newcastle to Sydney with my brother to watch AC/DC at ANZ Stadium (former Olympic stadium).  There was over 70'000 people in attendance most over the age of 35. There was a sea of black T-shirts (which both me and my brother were now sporting) and thousands upon thousands of flashing red horns.

Wolf Mother got the crowd started and everyone was ready at 9pm when ACDC took to the stage.

The first song was Big Train of their Black Ice album. This was followed by Back in Black. Everyone was having a great time, and when they started Thunderstruck the whole stadium exploded. Everyone was to the feet seeing dancing and clapping, and the show was only getting started.

When they started playing  She’s Got The Jack it didn't take long for women in the audience to start flashing their breasticles and for Angus to get his kit off and show the crowd his lily white body. That’s what you get for living in England to long. However, Angus had the crowd’s attention and he delivered a powerful and energetic performance. This is quite amazing considering he is now in his fifties, and has been doing this since the 70's.

The whole show lasted for two hours and was a fantastic effort from the band that had already played three shows in Melbourne and one in Sydney, and they still have the rest of Oz to go.

The highlights for the nights were the pictorial tribute to Bon Scott who passed away 30 years ago, and then Angus's twenty minute guitar solo. Man, can that guy play.

The only disappointment of the night was that they didn't sing Long Way To The Top. However, they no longer need to sing that song. It was a long way to the top for ACDC. They had a lot of trouble, but they continued and they got to the top a long time ago and have been there ever since.

Mind you they didn't get to the top by luck, they got there by setting goals, working hard to achieve them, adjusting them as needed and then setting more. They never gave in, they never slackened off, and they kept their commitment all the way through. And it has paid off.

Regardless of who you are and what you are doing, you too can have this level of success if you want it.  All you need to do is decide what it is you want to achieve, set your goals, start working your way towards them and never give in. AC/DC would not be where they are today if they had thrown in the towel when it got too hard.

AD/DC have been Australia’s biggest band, and most of us in Australia have grown up on their music. This was evident of the wide variety of ages at the concert.  The youngest I saw was 10 and there was plenty people 50-60+.

If you get the opportunity to see them while they are still playing, I highly recommend it.  They are a great show, and you will enjoy it, even if you are not a huge fan. Plus there may never be another chance to see them.

To finish off I would just like to say to Acca Dacca that for those of us who you have rocked, we salute you. 


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