Sunday, 21 March 2010

Creating Inspiration in Your Life

If motivation is just about setting goals and moving towards them, why do so many people fail to achieve their dreams? The simple answer is that they do not have the commitment or the inspiration to follow through on their plans. They rush out in the first week full of gusto, but a week later, maybe two, they have lost all inspiration and have quit. So how do we find that inspiration?

Why can a woman that has been over weight all of her life, lose that entire weight do that she can look good for just one day, her wedding day? Because she has inspiration and commitment. To her it is so important to look her best on her weeding day that she will get up early every morning and exercise, undertake a strict diet regime on food and she will do this every day right up to the special day.

What keeps her going and not wanting to quit.  She has created a feeling in her mind of how she will feel if she manages to lose that weight and look good. She has thought about this, and continues to think about this everyday up to the wedding. That great feeling of looking beautiful for all her friends’, family and husband to be is real inspiration. Not only that, she has also though about how it will feel to not achieve her goal. To be fat and overweight, not looking like she wants and being a disappointment to everybody. That is also great inspiration.

In her mind she now has a feeling that is pulling her towards her goals, and a feeling that is pushing her towards her goals. This is the push/pull effect and it works time and time again.

In our lives we will do very little to move or change our lives when we feel very comfortable with it. We would like to take action to get to a more comfortable spot, but things are fine here so why change? It is only when we feel uncomfortable that we take actions to change. This is a reactionary measure and it does not show much motivation.

 To be motivated and to have inspiration and commitment, we need to create that push/pull effect in our lives whenever we want so that we can achieve our dreams.  The easiest way to do that is to that about what our lives will be if we do not take action to achieve our goals. Where will we be in 1 year, 5, 10, 15 20 years if we do not do anything to move forward in our lives? Will you be happy or upset that you have never achieved the things you set out to get?

That is the push part. Trying to make you uncomfortable and get moving.

The next part is to think about where you will be in 1year, 5, 10, 15, 20 years if we do take action. Will you have everything you ever wanted? Will you be travelling the world and having a great life? Will you have the life you always wanted with the people you want to be with? Will you be living your dreams?

This is the pull. Moving away from your uncomfortable world and moving towards a more comfortable one.

I use this push/pull method on daily basis. I have created the strong feelings of success and failure in my mind and use them to motivate me every day. It’s why I push myself to run, or do weights daily. It’s why I will do what I have to do no matter how hard it gets or how much I feel like slacking off.  And it is what separates the want-to-be’s from the people-who-are.

When you can really make yourself feel the pain of failing and the pleasure of succeeding, you will be more inspired. You will be able to push through the negative thoughts that hold you back, have more commitment and being willing to do what it takes, when ever its needs, for how long you have to do it.

I would like to help you create the push/pull feeling in your mind so that you can start moving towards your dreams. Over at I have a recording that will help to create that the push/pull effects. It’s free for you to listen to with absolutely no catches and I hope it helps to inspire you.

Terry Shadwell.


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