Sunday, 18 April 2010

We Can Be Heroes

If there is one term that is used by the media a lot that can get my blood boiling, it is “sporting hero.” I refuse to see sports people as hero. A hero is a person that takes action to help or save other people while putting aside their own needs. Under no circumstances do sporting people do this. They do their chosen sport to please themselves, not to help anybody else, and they get paid for their actions. I don’t blame them for that, we all do things for ourselves but it doesn’t make them a hero. Sure, visiting sick kids in hospitals is nice, but not heroic, and they never do it without making sure the media is there to watch them. They are famous and that is all, they are not heroes.

Do you really want to aspire to be like some of the people playing sport? These so call heroes which are there to inspire us, abuse drugs, alcohol, women, the law and even their own fans. Sure they are just a part of the general society and they get picked on because they are in the lime light, but you can ask for the fame then get upset when it works against you.

The best sorts of heroes are the people that do what needs to be done without asking for the fame and glory that goes with it. People that stand up to the plate in times of need for the benefit of other people not for the benefit of themselves. You may think that it can be hard to find these types of people but that is untrue.

Bush fire fighters are a great example of people that are heroes. They volunteer for this duty and they give up their time and money to do this. These people go out to save lives and property every year in some of the worst conditions and they do it for free. They do it because it needs to be done, not for the fame or the glory. Sure they may have in their ranks the same problems as our sporting stars but at least they aren’t just in it for themselves like the sporting stars.

However, you don’t have to be a fire fighter to be a hero, anybody that volunteers their time to help others around the world, or in their own community are heroes. Members of Lions or Rotary Clubs, members of the Meals on Wheels, the SES, or in any other volunteer organisation are the real heroes of our world. Without them our world would be a lot worse off.

So stop looking at sport stars for your guidance and please stop looking at them and addressing them as heroes. Look in to your own community and see the real heroes. You can even become a hero yourself in the long run and start helping others.

In the long run, the quality of the community we live is determined by the amount of people that care for it and participate in making better. If you think your community needs improving then it is time to become a volunteer and make a difference.

Just like in your own life, no one will make the changes required unless you get out there and do it.


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