Sunday, 23 May 2010

Success by Media

I have a bone to pick with the response to Jessica Watsons achievement. First of all let me clear in saying that I am not picking on her and I think she did a great job. My big problem is how the media is portraying her.


First of all they are all claiming that she is a hero. Most of you would know from my article a few weeks back what I think about a statement like that. She is not a hero; she is a highly motivated and courageous young woman that achieved her dreams for her own benefit.  However, let's remember one thing, in her eyes she is not a hero, it's just a flawed, ratings hungry, and an increasingly inaccurate media that is making those claims.


Which leads me to this point? The media are making assertions that to be successful in life you need to do something absolutely amazing.   Only people that sale the world, climb Mount Everest, amassed a vast fortune or some other feat are successful people. Only then if you have risked life and limb are you motivated and a person that should be revered.


What a load of cow poo!


If you were to believe everything that the media says then you would never feel good about yourself. Let me tell you here and now that you are a successful person. You do not need to do anything more than what you already are to be a wonderful fantastic person. A belief in yourself is more important than anything else. You do not need the adulation of the media to be a motivated successful person.


In fact around Australia and around the world, some of the most successful people are never seen by the media. They work quietly and tirelessly in the back ground carving out their lives. They may be no more than a window cleaner, secretary or teacher. Yet everyday they look after themselves and their families. They make sure the people around them are fed, safe and loved. How can a mother or a father that give of their time to their children not be considered to be a motivated and successful person?


And the media are nowhere to be seen. So stop thinking that the people that sail the world are the great people of this world. The great people are the ones that work hard and make life better for those around them. You are the great people of this world and even if the media doesn't ever see you it doesn't matter. You are still great.


Success comes from you achieving what it is you want to achieve. It never has to pass across a news desk, and nobody else ever needs to know about it. As long as you are happy with what you have done then you are successful. Stop looking for others to put you on a pedestal and realise that true success come from your internal sense of satisfaction, not external gratification.


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