Tuesday, 15 June 2010

What Makes Us Passionate.

Passion is an intense emotion. It drives us, and compels us to take action for or against certain things that are happening around us. Passion makes us walk through the rain to her door. It makes us trek through the jungle to stop the machines. It makes us feel happy or angry, but it does make us feel alive.
Love can make you do anything. We’ve walked on air. And we have all cried ourselves to sleep. Love brings out all of emotions and can leave us feeling venerable. Yet we will move heaven and earth to ensure that we have it, and do not lose it.
However, love alone will not make us do everything. The passion comes when people start to realise that they cannot live without whatever, or whoever, it is that they love. It’s not just love, not just a want, but a need.
Their love has become an addiction. You breathe her name and you live for her touch. You’ve watched him sleep from the day you brought him home to now. After 65 years you think as one and can’t operate when they’re not there. There is no alternative, you have to be together. That’s not just love, that’s pure passion. 
This is a powerful emotion, and at sometime we all experience it through our lives. Hate isn’t just dislike or anger, it is a complete revolution to an injustice that has been committed. The death of Orang-utans for money, the needless death of millions through starvation, or the needs of one be neglected by an uncaring society.
Blood boils, and the ability to stay silent, or to sit still disappears. Again like love, you have to act. You can feel yourself ready to explode. It has to stop. Now, no matter how, it just has to stop! You will not let another tear be shed, or a beautiful creature to die, just so someone else can line their pockets.
Or not
Regardless of whether it is love or hate, you feel emotions flowing through. They are strong and overpowering, and when they flow, we must obey them. We lose rational thought and act.

But it’s not always that way. Sometimes we don’t feel passionate about anything. We love and care for them, but we don’t live for them. Or we get angry but we feel unable to do anything. Plus, it’s too hard.

We lose passion and adopt apathy. It’s easier. Orang-utans can be seen in zoos, and we’ve been together for 15 years she doesn’t want romance anymore.

You have to make a choice. You can choose to live with passion, or go on with an apathetic, of just plan pathetic, live style. I advocate change.

Your home work last week was to do something different from your norm to try and get you to live again. I hope you all followed through. This week I am going to up the ante. First you will have to do something different again. Not the same different as last week, but something completely different. Second I want you to for something going on around you that you either love and want to support, or hate and want to change. Find out as much as you can, because soon I will ask you to take action on it.

Terry Shadwell

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