Sunday, 1 August 2010

Duck Soup

The first thing I want to say this week is congratulations to the Years 12 Art students at Warren Central School for their art work. It was outstanding and showed a lot of imagination and skill. In fact I am envious of such creative talent. However, I must admit that the meanings of the work had to be pointed out to me. That’s not because they were hard to understand, it just that I don’t understand art.  However, just because I don’t get it doesn’t mean I can like it and I can still see the quality and effort in all of the work. 

The art work started me thinking about how people express themselves. Some people express themselves through art; others do it through sculpture, writing, singing, music, landscaping, gardening, poetry or a plethora of other means. It really doesn’t matter how people express themselves, just as long as they do.

As most would know, from a couple of weeks ago, I write poetry. It allows me to express a whole range of emotions. It’s very relaxing and I really enjoy the experience. I also like writing in general. In fact I am prolific a writer. Aside from these article, which I thoroughly enjoy writing, I write articles for Internet Marketing, self help guides, business guides, and short stories. All of it allows me to express myself about things that I believe is important.

The other way that I express myself is through music. I can’t write or read music unfortunately, but I can play it. I love being a drummer. Ah yes I am a little drummer boy, well not little. I love singing as well. Plus I love to dance. Yes that’s right everybody a man that is not afraid to dance. I believe that music is, in my world at the very least, the true expression of the soul.

Glen A. Baker once stated that he would rather be in front seat of the car listening to the radio than in back seat with the girl. Well move over Glen, I’m in the front with you and turn it up, all the way to 11.

The important thing to remember, whether you do art, music, poetry or whatever, is that your work is your expression. It’s beneficial for you, and you do not need to have it validated by anyone else. Just because someone doesn’t understand or like what you are doing, doesn’t matter. As long as you are happy, then keep going and allow yourself to be as creative as possible.

So this week, let the inside out. Be creative, paint, sing, dance, write, sculpt, or anything you want, but be true to yourself. Go wild. But please, do not let other stop you, and do not let the fear of what others think curtail your activities. If you don’t want to show people, then that’s fine, but create anyway. Express your heart, your mind and your soul.

I have my poetry page up now and slowly it is being filled up.

Remember, we are all artist is some way. We are all creative. We may not all be Rembrandts or Picassos, but that is not important. Let yourself shine and be happy.

Terry Shadwell

P.S. I hope that the title today will help you figure out where they are coming from. I’ll give you a hint, Zeppo was one Karl wasn’t.


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