Sunday, 22 August 2010

A Motivated Learner

Once again I wish to take you on a trip into my twisted and warped mind of mine. Let’s start our journey at the freakle cortex just behind the oddball lobe. It is here that my mind splits from normality and wanders (or cartwheels) into the abyss of stupidity, which I call home. How can I prove all this that’s easy? I spent all weekend working, and I loved it.

Over the weekend I worked on my business. That meant spending all day Saturday and Sunday sitting in front of a computer working. While I do not love the sitting in front of a computer part, I did enjoy what I was doing.

I was working on my twitter accounts, namely the dogs twitter account. I had just bought a brand new course that showed me how to improve what I was doing. What was great about it was that it said what I was already doing was right, but there we’re better ways of doing it.

But I digress. You see it wasn’t the work so much that I loved but the opportunity to learn. I enjoy learning, especially when it’s made interesting. The funny thing is I have found most people enjoy learning, regardless of how hard a subject matter is, if they are interested in that subject and it is presented in an engaging manner.

You see, I think that learning is the most important thing a person can do, whether it is a formal education, or on the job learning. Now I will argue that a formal education is not for everybody. In fact some of the most of the wealthiest people in the world never finished school. However, they all say that just because school was not for them, learning was still important.

Most of the wealthiest people may not have graduated from school, but they all have degrees from the University of Hard Knocks. They decided what they liked and they went and learnt about it. It took years, a lot of tries, a lot of failures, and a lot and lot of learning, but now they can do and control their world.

Most successful people will always tell you that the key to their success was learning from their mistakes and never repeating them. That’s great, but what you also need to do is learn from your triumphs and repeat them.  Success and failure can both be a great teacher.

So you need to be learning. If you are like me and you need to retrain from one job to another, then you will need a formal education. I went from being a Fitter and Machinist to a Business/Legal Studies teacher, with a formal education. It took a few years but it was fun and a learnt a lot of great stuff.

I also run my own internet marketing business. All of that I have learnt through both trial and error, and from courses set up by people already working in the same industry. Again, most of them are fun and exciting and I am learning a lot of invaluable information.

Whichever way you choose to learn is up to you, but go out and learn something new, even if it’s another documentary from Sir David Attenborough. The more you know the better you will be in life.  And who knows, you may even want to work over your weekend learning something new, just like me.

Terry Shadwell

P.S. if you want to have a look at what I did over the weekend, visit, or look for goodboybassy on twitter (this is where most of the work was done), or Bassy Shadwell on Facebook.


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