Sunday, 29 August 2010

(This should be) The End of the World as We Know It.

This week I am going to play doomsayer. We face, in the next few years, the worst financial crisis that we will ever see. The governments have very little room to move to save the economy and maybe they should just let it collapse, but there can, and most likely, will be problems
.In a depressed economy people lose faith in governments and seek out people, normally a dictator, to give them leadership.  The blame for the problems gets shifted from the real causes to a minority group, and the dictator informs a gullible and desperate population that the only way to get out of the mess is to steal resources from another country. In other words, War.  However, that is what has happened in the past; it does not need to happen again.
If we do enter into another depression, we as a world need to see it as a time for change. Now I’m not going to promote an altruistic future, and the whole world living in peace, equity and total harmony.  What I am saying is that we need to take steps to ensure that we make a world where we can ensure that the greed of men and women do not out weight the needs of ordinary people or the environment.
People have a right to be rich, and our economy works that way, and it will always work that way, but it can be better. Companies are making outrages fortunes at the expense of ordinary people and the environment. I know and believe that companies need to make profits so that they can employ people and keep the economy going. However, the excessive fortunes are disappearing into only a few pockets and the environment in which we need to survive is being raped and ruined. 
Currently we live in a world with fantastic technology, and while it can be used to help companies make a profit, it can also be utilised to improve the environment, not to destroy it. We should be using our technology to reduce the damage while still extracting everything we need. In fact any smart business would realise that there is a fortune to make in protecting animals and the environment.
A smart business person would understand that we need this world, this island Earth ,to survive. If we destroy it we destroy ourselves. We have limited resources, and businesses should not be abusing them just to line their own pockets.
Let me make one thing clear, I have no problem with greed. Greed make us ambitious, and it has led to many great inventions. Without ambition and a touch of greed we would still be sitting in caves, wondering what the twinkling things in the night sky are. Greed and ambition have brought around innovation. However, our ambition and greed needs to be tempered with what is right for everybody and the planet.
So now we have a chance between boom or ka-boom, and unfortunately we are very close to both. At the moment many countries are on the verge of bankruptcy. People in countries around the world are losing faith with their governments, as seen here in Australia and England with hung parliaments.  Throughout the world we are starting to find a minority group, the Muslims (minority in most western countries that is) to pick on for our problems. Most Europeans countries are already starting to Ban the Burka. All we are waiting on now is a dictator to lead us around by the nose.
But It doesn’t have to be this way. Stop investing into the old ways of the economy and let’s start focusing our economy into making this world better, not just for ourselves, but for our environment as well.
Terry Shadwell
P.S. I am not a greenie in any sense. I believe in farming, logging and the mining of raw materials and I know most are looking already for more ecological ways to continue their practices. We just need to continue and to put more money into constant improvement.

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