Sunday, 10 October 2010

Are you Living a Life or a Lie?

Very soon we will be heading into my favourite time of year, Summer. There is a lot I like about the summer months. Long days, BBQ’s, swimming, holidays, and of course the big birthday event in December each year, Mine. However, this year there is wee bit of work to do before I can embrace summer head on.

The winter months this year have been, shall we say, fattening. I managed to find a few extra pounds of cuddliness this winter and it’s not good.  My clothes are too tight and I look awful, especially in my purple G-string (try getting that image out of your brain!).

I would like to say that all my extra pounds came because I wasn’t able to keep up my running after my knee went out. I’d also like to say that my shoulder went out again and I wasn’t able t do my weights. I also like to point out that I also pulled my calf muscle. I’d like to inform you that they were all the problems that led to my weight gain.

Oh God would I like to be able to tell you that were all true.

I suppose I can, as it all happened, but they were not to causes of my wobbly new body. The main factors were laziness and eating too much rubbish.  If I wanted I could have still found ways to stay active, but a warm fire, a cosy lounge and chocolate were just too inviting on a cold dark winters night.

However, the weight is not the problem. I can lose it and lose it quickly, now that most of the body is better again. The real problem was admitting in the first place that I was overweight and that it was my fault and I was not a victim of circumstance.

To many people blame other things for their problems or worse, never admit that they have a problem in the first place. They live a lie and unfortunately some of people prefer the lie to real life. Living the lie and blaming anything and everything else for your problems is easier than having to admit that you failed and you will now have to work to make things better.

Let me ask you a few questions. Are you living a life you can be proud of? Are you the person that you hoped that you would one day become? Are you taking responsibility for you actions? Are you living a life or living a lie?

Look at yourself and see if you are the person that you want to be. Look at you physical appearance, and your manners, attitudes and outlook on life. If what you see doesn’t match what you always wanted then you need to take action an change your life.

I am not the man I want to be at the moment but am willing to admit to it and take action to be better in a lot of different ways. I have visions of what I want. A body like Superman, they brains of Stephen Hawkins and the love of Jews like Mel Gibson. Ok, not the last then.

Take action and start to live the life you wanted. Stop making excuses or blaming others and admit that if you want to be successful, then you have to make yourself successful.


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