Sunday, 31 October 2010

Universal Knowledge

Over the last few weeks I have been contemplating the very existence of the universe. I have been thinking endlessly about what is out their beyond the boundaries of the universe, if there are any boundaries at all. Nothing has any scientific basis, but it has all made my brain hurt.

I have conceived two theories. Theory one is that both time and space do go on forever and that is just too much for the average brain to handle. Theory two, which I like/hate more is that time and space, for the want of better word I will say loop back on itself. There is no foreverness and no “outside” of the universe. Funny thing about the second theory is that for as big as the universe may be, the thought of not having an outside to go to makes me feel rather claustrophobic.

However, regardless of how time and space do actually operate, the one thing I have been doing is learning. Thinking, contemplating and deducting are all skills needed for people to learn and to develop understanding.  I may not be right about what I have been thinking, but I have learnt to open my mind up to new possibilities.

Being open minded is a key feature in being able to learn. People with closed minds are not interested in learning and ignore any new information that may affect them. People with open minds often seek more information and crave a deeper understanding of the world around them.

I do want to make a distinction about information and knowledge. Information is great, but knowledge is using information to achieve a desired outcome. Information isn’t power, knowledge is.

People that are knowledgeable have a great understanding and empathy of the world around them. They remain calm when events happen and plan what type of action would be best for a response. They don’t get emotional and just rush in without thinking.

To be knowledgeable you need to not only be willing to learn but listen to what is going on around you. You need to be able to take various sources of information and piece them together to get a better understanding of what is happening.  This means watch the news, learn the theories and talk with people involved. Then you will have a bigger picture and be able to take more appropriate action.

It’s through this sort of thinking that we have the modern technology of the world today. Knowledgeable people share their ideas, work together and devise new theories, technology and create the marvels of science that we take for granted in our everyday living.  They also come up with more ideas.

You need to know what is going on in the world. You need to let you mind expand and see the bigger picture. It will make you more tolerant, empathetic and happier.

Regardless of the size and shape of the universe in the long run, being happy is probably the most important thing of all. Whether or not we figure it all out is not important, happiness is, and good knowledge will definite make you happy.

Terry Shadwell


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