Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Write Stuff

Just recently I sat down and started to write a short story and was pleasantly surprised by the whole thing. Like the poems I write they are normally quick and easy to knock off. A simple easy vision that can translate onto paper very quickly. What surprised me was how much that I actually enjoyed it. 

You I love to write, its one of my passions. I started at a young age and wrote nonstop. I wanted to write science fiction, and during my teen years I must have written easily over 50 stories. Of course they were very immature and childish, but I think deep down they had a good basis. Deep, deep down I mean. 

The problem I had back then was I had no plans to my stories and I was trying to write novels. As you can probably guess the stories had no real structure and jumped about all over the place. I found the whole process to be tedious and boring after a while and I stopped. Plus I was growing up, meeting girls, working and moving on to a different phase of my life. 

When I hit about 24 I started to get the urge to write again. This time I moved on to poems and have been doing that for the last 16 years. The short stories are virtually just an extension of the poem theme, but unlike when I was 14 I now have plans and structures for my work. 

The funny thing was I didn’t get the idea of structure for my stories until I had some for my own life. I over the years that having goals and direction in life was important, and it applied perfectly to my writings.  Thinking about what I want to write and plotting out the, well, plot was the best thing to do. 

Once I know where I want to go, the story flows easier out easier and I can stay on track. I used get mental blocks before, or as I used to call it, writing myself into a corner. Now, however, it all comes so much easier and I can write for hours and walk away happy with the results. 

The same can be said for my life in general. I know where I want to go and it is easier to get there, instead of wandering aimlessly through life.  So if you haven’t already done so, start developing some plans for your life. Set your goals and start working towards them. You will be so much happier that you did.

One of my goals is to get people to read my poems and stories. I am working on a romance novel at the moment, but that has been developing for over 5 years and will take a lot longer yet before it see the light of day. Other stories, romance, horror, and of course the adventure of my Labrador Sebastian, will come a lot quicker. 

As for the science fiction, I have an old Star Trek story I wrote a few years back, that with a little reworking and maturing, could make for an interesting read. We’ll just see how that goes for now. 

Terry Shadwell

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