Thursday, 31 January 2013

Change of View

A very interesting, and disappointing thing happened to me the other day. While in a meeting with colleagues I raised the issue about how we talk about clients amongst ourselves. Most of the time, the clients that cause the most trouble are referred to as idiots, or worse, and sometimes the whole company was put down. I voiced my concern about this practice and stated that we should not discuss clients in such a manner, and that we should try to have a more positive manner in talking about them. To my utter belief, I was ridiculed by other members at the meeting and told that they should be able to talk about clients anyway they want. 
I cannot say that I have never spoken badly about a client. When they annoy you or get you angry, it’s only natural to think inappropriate things about a client. You need to blow off steam and get it out of your system. However, that is where it should stop.

When you start to talk about someone in a negative manner, you stop seeing them as a person with potential and start seeing them as a problem. This means that you will automatically treat them differently. You will not put the effort in with them as you would about a person that you do not see as a problem.

How we see people is not up to them, but up to us. We cannot change how people act, but we can change how we deal with them. Everybody needs to be given the same chances an opportunity, and that’s something that you can only choose to do. This goes the same with not only people that cause you a problem, but how we treat all people.

Not only do you create negative image about your clients, but when you speak about people in such a way to other, it only helps to lower their opinion of you. Nobody likes to hear someone else talk negatively about others. It does not make you look good; it only makes you look immature and foolish.

Next time you need to deal with a person or group that cause you problems, rethink what you do when you are with them. Is there anything you can change or do differently that may help them or improve the situation? Be the one to take the first steps in making thing better. It’s actually easier than you think, and before you know it, you have changed your opinion of the person, and they stop being a problem and become a decent person. 

Terry Shadwell

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