Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Happiness - Why does it need science?

The UN has announced that 20th March will be international happy day. This was brought about by the King of Bhutan where they measure wealth in happiness and not economics. I love the idea that Bhutan have and support an international day of happiness. However every year companies spend millions on researching what makes people happy.

For businesses knowing what makes you happy is very important. If they can make you happy then they will get a sale from you. I know what you bought will probably make you happy but is it real happiness? It is for the company.

To be happy the first thing you need to do is be yourself. Accept who you are for all the good points and all the bad. None of us a perfect in life and you should stop trying to make your life that way. It may seem that people have perfect lives but if you just look beneath the surface you will find that their lives are not so perfect.

The best thing you need to do to be happy is to do what ever it is that makes you happy. Now the important part here is " what makes you happy". To often we stop doing what we want because we are worried that people will consider what we do silly or stupid or even perverse and disgusting. People are constrained by all of their beliefs, morals and ethics. However you should not be stopped in doing what you want because of what they believe. I will reiterate what i have always said do what ever you want in life as long as you do not harm or endanger anyone else.

While you have a right to be happy you don't have the right to be happy at someone else expense.
So why wait for international happy day. Start today and make yourself happy. But be aware of businesses trying to sell happiness. Start enjoying life and allow yourself to be happy.

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