Wednesday, 24 July 2013

It's Not Rocket Sugery

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Trying not to get all wound up
I was stuck behind a car yesterday morning as they had trouble getting on to the local round about.They were not very confident about pulling out on to the round about as they were unsure of what the on coming traffic was going to do. From my position I could see clearly, and I was getting frustrated as they kept missing spots in which they would have easily fitted. In my growing annoyance I spoke loudly to myself, "Pulling out on to a round about is not rocket science." However, for some people, it is.

As a teacher, I know my subject knowledge quite well. I can walk into a class and start teaching my subject without a book and be confident that I am giving my students the correct knowledge. To me this is one of the easiest things to do, but for a new teacher, this can be one of the hardest.

A new teacher has to not only learn their subjects, but class room management , timing of lessons and student names. It is quite a daunting thing to do. For the first few weeks can be a challenging time, and it scares a lot of people. For a new teacher, learning all of the things that they need can be as daunting as learning rocket science.

This can be the same for people on the road. New drivers, while they may have past their test to get their license, they still have a long way to go to be confident. They are in a car for the first time by themselves, they may be on a new route that they don't know and they may be in their very first car, which regardless of the condition, they don't want to damage. All of the factors can make them nervous and less willing to take chances. This is why they are hesitant of pulling out at a round about.

There is also the factor that the person in car in front may have been in an accident, and because of this, they are nervous about being in another. They are now more careful about the actions they take. They don't want to relieve a horrible experience so they go slower,  and take more time.

This sort of hesitant behaviour can been seen, not only in classrooms and on roads but in every area of life. People will always go slower at doing something if they are not sure about what they are doing. The issue, however, is not about them and how slow they are going, but about you and what you are going to do about.

Pulling up really close behind a slow driver will not make them go any faster. In fact, if they are already frightened, they will slow down even more as you have made them feel worse. Screaming at the person not pulling out at the round about will not make them move and only get your anger up. So what do you do?

In simple terms, get over it. In more formal and professional terms, get over it. You need to start thinking more about the whole situation and not just about your needs. In your frustration did you think about why this person is not pulling out, or did you just rush to a conclusion that they are an idiot?

You see this world is not just about you. It is about everybody and how we all work with in it together. We need to consider that the other people in the world around us may not be as confident at something as you are. We need to stop putting our needs first and take a better look at what is going on.

Please don't think that I am above all of this. I still get frustrated about people driving slow in the fast lane. I want to scream and yell and force them out of my way. They are in my way and they are stopping me from getting to where I am going as fast as I want.

However, before I get annoyed and drive right up behind them, I try to think differently. I try to understand that maybe that they are lost. Maybe they don't fully understand the road rules, or that due to other things going on in there lives that they have just forgotten to pull over and they aren't really riving slow in the fast lane to just annoy me. I also try to think that instead of trying to make them go faster, I can pull into another lane and go around them that way.

The same can be said for when people are learning something new. You have to remember what it was like when you were learning and the mistakes you made. Don't get annoyed because they didn't get it first go, work with them to help them understand and to build confidence in themselves and their abilities. It's not about changing them, but changing your approach to what is happening. 

You see this type of thinking is not rocket science. But it can be hard to think like this when you are angry. Let go of the frustration and anger and accept that you can change the current situation. When you can make a difference, make it then, but other than that, enjoy the ride. If you are stuck in traffic, take the time to enjoy you favourite music, or be proud that even though the person you are working with maybe struggling to understand, that they came to you for help. Life is what we make it. You can continue to see all of the negatives, or you can see what good about the bad situation. Life is a choice and it all up to you.

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