Sunday, 20 October 2013

Changing Work

Ever spend a weekend worrying about going back to work? Maybe it’s because you don’t want to have to face the customers again, or maybe the boss? Maybe you have just grown tired of your job and you want a change? All of these points, plus many more, are valid points to get out of what you are doing and to find something new. However, there can be a catch.

Happiness can be as simple as the right shirt  
As you get on in life you start to acquire a certain skill set. You have been trained to be an accountant, or nurse, or even a teacher. The stuff you do every day you had to learn, and in some case go to university or some other training institution. You know how to do that well and all the other jobs you want to do require you retraining.

Of course there is nothing wrong with retraining. I left my job as a fitter and machinist and retrained to become a teacher. I was lucky at the time because I was still relatively young and had few debts. Now, on the other hand, I know I couldn’t do it as easy as I have debts that must be met. This is one of the main sticking points, not just for me as an example, but for many other people who would like to change jobs.

I couldn’t take a job on less money than I am on now. The reason for this is that, like most people, I live to the wage I earn. That means the houses, holidays, cars and savings that I own are all based on the wage that I earn. If I was to take a pay cut, then I would have to lose something, and at this point in my life I am not too keen to give up on some of the things that I have been working for. I know that I would not   be the only person out there thinking the same thing. 

So what do we do and how do we change what’s going on so that we can hopefully have a better job and better lifestyle? 

First thing is you need to change your outlook on what is going on. You need to have a more positive attitude. This is important, because a positive attitude will allow you to see the opportunities that are coming your way. People with a negative attitude will close their eyes to the world and miss out on all the important signs and signals. 

To be more positive, you need to start the day positive. Get up each morning and think about 6 things that you like, or are grateful about to have in your life. In an instant you will feel better. Smile to yourself. Smiling does make you feel better. Also tell yourself that you are proud of all that you have achieved. 

The second thing is to believe in yourself. You are your own worst enemy. We, as people, to often tell ourselves that we can’t do things. We shy away from new opportunities and trying new things because we are afraid that we will fail of that we will look stupid. This can all be overcome by having faith in yourself and your abilities.

The first step to having faith in yourself is to have a positive attitude. The second is to remember all of the times you tried something new and it all worked out. Remember the good times and forget the bad. There are plenty of times in your life when things just went exactly as planned. If you could achieve it then, why not again now? 

As for the retraining, and maybe lower wages, only you can decide what you should do there. Every choice you will make in life requires a sacrifice. You will have to give up something to gain something. You may give up money for more time, or visa versa. You may give up the dream holiday for a better job. However, remember, what is most important is you being happy. 

This life is wonderful. It is vital that you live the best life possible, and of course, that can mean so many things to so many people. Be positive and be proud. Make your choices and follow through. If you work at it hard enough, you will succeed at anything.

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