Wednesday, 22 January 2014

No Need To Be Motivated Evey Day

Of the the biggest misconceptions about motivation is the belief that you must bounce out of bed everyday and be ready to tackle what comes your way. I can tell you that this is one of the biggest lies perpetrated by the so call motivational experts. And it is normal pushed to make themselves look good and to sell products. There is no need to be motivated every day.

It is impossible to be motivated everyday and keep pushing yourself. As a human being you need to take time out and you have the right to be lazy. You also have the right to be lazy and not feel guilty about it.

Over the few weeks I have been very lazy, and I do not feel that I have let myself or anyone else down. For in between those times of laziness were some moments, long moments of being motivated. In the periods I was motivated I managed to achieve a great deal.

You see, when it comes to being successful, it's not always about doing something everyday. It's more about doing what needs to be done and doing it well.

In the last six weeks I have:

  • Hosted Christmas for the family (people were here for a week)
  • Edited my new book
  • Organised a new loan to further our property portfolio
  • Had the sister in law down for 5 days
  • Put in 20 plants into the garden
  • Put in 8 outdoor lights (which included fall off the roof, luckily no real harm done, to me or the house)
Just some of the work I completed while being lazy.
And that is just the main things.

Yet I have also been incredibly lazy. Days spent watching TV, swimming in the pool, playing video games, and just doing nothing. There are some days I thought I hardly moved, but that was because I was saw from my quick trip from the roof to the ground.

You need to be lazy some days. You need to take a break and allow your batteries to recharge. When you have holidays you need to make sure that you have a rest. It is not good to work all holidays and go back to work. You will just end up making yourself sick.

So take a break. Get yourself relaxed and take time out from the rat race. When you feel ready and motivated, burst back on to the world stage and continue to change your life.

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