Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Complaint Letter to Bank

While logging on to my bank account the other day to check how much interest I would have to pay, I found the system did not tell me. In fact a conversation with the bank told me that this was not possible. I was surprised because my other banks allow me to do this. So I wrote them a letter. I thought that I would share the letter with you. May be I was a little harsh, but you be the judge.

I am annoyed that I can not log on to my account and find out how much interest will be charge on my account each month. Through the (Renamed) Building Society and (Renamed) Bank I am able to find out how much they will be charging on the home loans I have with each.

It is mind bending that you system is unable to do what other systems are capable of. To fix this problem would take no effort what so ever. However, I doubt that you will change this just because I wrote into you.

What I expect to happen in that you will tell me I can always call up and find the indicative figure. You may even write back and tell me what that figure is. You will also tell me you are looking into this. In general you will tell me what ever rubbish you feel like to shut me up and hope that I go away. After all, customer service is not as important to top level management as making money. That's not a complaint, just a fact.

So, asides from having the indicative figure in my bank account, can you tell me how else I am to know how much I should have in my account each month? You see I am one these silly people that likes to make sure that the right amount is ready for you when needed. I also like to think that if I don't need to put as much in as last time I may have the right to spend in on myself, even if it is just a few dollars. I know it's selfish of me to think I can use my spare money on my self.

So go ahead. Reply with you usual bland email about how sorry you are and false promises to look into and fix this issue. You and I know that nothing that could be done will be done. I also know that this email will go the the lowest possible point in you managerial system and never go any higher.

I know it's not your fault. You are just the poor person that has to take the rubbish for the annoying people like myself. You could, if you want, take this to the top level of the business. Remember eagles soar to new heights, ducks just quack. Be and eagle.

And most importantly, try and have a nice day.

I believe that we should not abuse the people we have to deal with on the phone. They are being employed to do a job and it's not their fault that the system does not work. It does not mean you cannot be annoyed, just not rude or abusive. They have feelings as well.

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