Thursday, 10 July 2014

Motivated Business Regain Old Customers Online

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At this point in time, there has been a lot of noise being generated by the main stream media about the shift of shopping habits from traditional bricks and mortar businesses to online businesses. I know that a lot of businesses are starting to struggle and I have even noticed that many shopping centers do not have as many people in them as they once did. While I can understand the stress and worry that many small businesses face, I feel that if they embrace the change then they would still be profitable and have a better life.

Since the introduction of 7 days a week shopping many small businesses owners have found that their quality of life has declined. They are expected, especially in major shopping centers, to have their door open to trade whenever the center is open. If the shop isn’t a high performer, then the cheapest way to have the door open on a weekend is for the owner to work those days so that they are not paying overtime rates. It may be cheap, but it now means that the owner has to give up every weekend to keep his or her business running. They can take time off during the week, of course, but it is not quality time as friends and family are working. In the long run, the business owner ends up doing the businesses paperwork and never really having a break. It’s no wonder that they face burn out in just a few short years.

However, in a modern world they can make their lives easier by incorporating a web page into their business. This isn’t just a shut the doors move online idea, but adding a selling web page to the business. Studies have shown that people tend to trust a web page more if it has a traditional business component attached to it. Buyers feel that if there is a problem they can go to the store to sort it out, where if it is just a web page alone, they cam be unsure with who they are really dealing with.

The benefits of a web page is that it can run 24 hours a day 7 days a week regardless if you are there or not. You can promote you page through a whole range or marketing channels, including traditional media, social media and in-store promotions to existing customers. You can reach a wider audience in both location and demographics which will also help to increase sales. The increase sales from you online side of the business may allow you as the business owner to also attract more people into the store, allowing you to earn more money, so that you can put someone else on during the weekend, and you regain your life.

For a modern web page you can also have most of the system automated, and if you want, you can outsource some of the operations so that you can free up your time. Mind you, while outsourcing sounds great, you must be able the justify the costs first. But as with anything new, start small, assess the outcome, modify, do it again.

Not every store would be great with a web page. You need to decide if the store needs a full web page, or does it just require a blog, Facebook page or Twitter account. What ever you think you needs are, remember to start small and test it out.

In the long run, the internet is here to stay regardless if whether we want it or not. You are running your business to make money and a smart business person does what they need to do, even if they don’t fully like it. Look for whats best to suit your business and try it out. My advice for all of this is, designing and setting up a web page can be tricky and can take a long time while you are learning. You want to make sure that it all looks good and works well for your customers, so seek help in getting it all right. There is a lot of people out there on the internet, while you would not get to them all to your site, you want to try and reach as many as possible, and of course, make your life easier.

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