Monday, 29 September 2014

Success - You need a plan, tools and motivation.

Over the last three days Kerry, my fiance, and myself have both been motivated and worked hard in preparing and constructing our new deck. It was a slow process that raised many hurdles. In fact, some of the things that should have been simple worked out to be the most difficult. However, we preserved and successfully completed the job. 

How the front area originally looked before the deck.

In order to get the task done we didn't rely on motivation alone. We sat down and made a plan. This plan included what size we wanted the deck to be, how high we wanted it, what materials we needed including, nails, screws, post supports, bolts and of course timber. We also checked to see what tools we required to succeed plus all of the drill bits and drivers that we needed. So when we started we didn’t have to keep running to the hardware shop to buy another tool or item to do the next stage. 

All in all, we have things pretty right. I had to make only two trips to the hardware once we had started. One because the drill bit I was using broke, and the other to get more bolts to bolt the frame to the wall. Not bad we thought, and as we all know, very little in life actually works out perfectly. 

View from a distance
Once everything was ready and we had all of our tools and material ready, we set to work. We bolted the support frame to the wall and bolted the post supports to the cement.  We used levels at every opportunity to ensure that the deck would not be uneven or slope in any direction. We measured everything twice and made our adjustment when needed. 

At the end of the three days, the frame was up and level and the floor boards were all screwed down, level and fit nicely into place. We were then able to stand back and appreciate the work that we had done and be proud of ourselves for all of the effort that we had put in. Then we were able nurse our soar backs, legs and hands (holding a vibrating drill for three days is not fun at all).

How we built this deck is exactly how you should be planning for success in your life. Asides from being motivated, you must first know what it is you want to do. You then need to plan how you are going to achieve your goal. You must collect the tools, material, and knowledge to allow you to move forward. Then you need to work hard to get it. 

Once you have started you need to keep on checking to see how things are going. You need to review your progress and make the changes necessary to ensure you keep moving forward. You need to see if any mistakes have occurred, correct them and get back to work again. If you keep you plan handy, if things go astray, you can go back to that and get yourself back on track.

How the front looks now with the deck. Roof to come in the next few weeks.

Only when you combine the plan, the tools, the materials and hard work will you succeed. If you are missing any of those parts, then you will never reach your goals. Remember, there is no lazy path to success. Plus when you work hard for something, you can have that great feeling of satisfaction know that you achieved your goal, despite any adversity. 

In order to get what you what, you need to be motivated and start planning today what it is that you want to achieve. Then make sure you collect whatever it is you need to succeed, and then get cracking. Review your work on a regular basis and keep you plan handy so you stay on the path. That is how all success is achieved, and you have the ability to do it.

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