Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Motivation - The Determined

I am not the forsaken,
No am I the dammed.
I am the determined,
The dream catcher,
And I grasp hold of all opportunities.
I am the one that will walk among the gods
And leave my mark on the world.
I will do it with the assistance of others
And I will help to raise them to my level.
I will push back against the world
And I will be both the immovable object and the unstoppable force.
I will make this world my own
And I will reap, and share, it riches.
A good time for one, should be,
And will be,
A good time for all.
I will brush aside those who stand in my way
And stand for those that cannot stand for themselves.
Come with me.
Walk in my footstep, and learn how to forge your own path.
Make to most of what is being offered to you.
This world was not made for the lazy
But made for the courageous and brave.
Take a risk,
Take a chance,
But most of all, take control of your life.
The future is both mine,
And yours,
And it is calling.
Are you like me, and willing to answer it?

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