Monday, 6 October 2014

Motivation - Mindaroo. The Premier Martian Destination

This is a presentation that was created for a univeristy lesson. We were instructed to create a web page promoting a travel destination. We all used Powerpoint as the web page.

If you down load this presentation you will find it has hyperlinks and works pretty well as a web page.

I thought I would get away from the norm and do my web page on the Martian city of Mindaroo. Everyone else was doing real locations, and I though that was boring. This was about the only assignment at uni that we could do where you had to use your imagination.

And that is the true key to motivation. When you are doing something you like and enjoy, you will work harder and longer at it than the tasks you dislike. Mindaroo was fun and I put a lot of effort into it.

This is about 15 years old now, but I still like it. Yes it has mistakes, but I still got a high distinction for it. Please enjoy.

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