Monday, 26 January 2015

Motivation – Get a Study Buddy to Help You Along the Way

You want to be successful? You want to lose weight? You want to be rich? Then get yourself a study buddy

In the cold hard light of day the truth is you cannot achieve true success by yourself. You will need the knowledge, guidance and support of a range of people. There is not a single person on face of this planet that has ever done it all themselves. And you should not try to be the first.

Good friends lift you and help you succeed
Let me give you the example of a study buddy in the area of becoming rich. Each week a very good friend of mine whom I have known for quite a few years and I get together to discuss the current financial climate, changes to laws that affect investment activates and investment opportunities. We share our knowledge so that we can both be better off. We also support each other and encourage each other to keep going and to make better decisions. 

As friends we are lucky. Not only can we be supportive, but we can be open, honest and critical of each other so that neither of us rush into any deals and make mistakes. To be successful you need to be honest with yourself, and a supporting person can help you to become more honest. 

There is another thing about having a weekly meeting like this. It is fun. We can do breakfast or lunch on a Friday. We spend the week looking for information and then share it over a nice meal. Let’s face facts, if you have to have a meeting, where would you like to do? Over a nice meal or stuck in a stuffy office. 

Plus breakfast or lunch on a Friday gives me something to look forward to. During the week you can face a lot of hurdles, but if you have something to look forward each week, which is not just the week end, then your week goes better. You will be happier and able to handle all of the issues that come your way.  

Asides from all of the fun stuff, you need support from a study buddy. You need support because there will be times that no matter how hard you try will stumble. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are failing when you are trying to be successful. You feel stupid, or humiliated. Having someone there to support you can lift you back up again and get you back on track.

One of the best things about having a friend interested in the same area is that we are interested in more than just investing. We both love to travel. We like to exercise. We both love bad comedy movies. He doesn’t like Star Wars, but I can forgive something’s. So my friend and I are not just supportive in the area of investing but we can share other information to help each other as well. 

While support is great for investing, it is also important for losing weight. Weight loss can be hard. I know I have been through it. There are times when you feel like giving up. The weight doesn’t seem to move, you are sore, it’s cold and you just don’t think it is worth it any more. This is where a good support person, who is also interested in losing weight, is great.

They will be willing to go out on that dark, cold, wet night with you so that you both achieve your goals. They will be willing to share information about keeping the weight off. They will also be willing to support and motivated you.

In the area of business it is vital to have a support person. You need to talk to people who have done what you are trying to do. Their knowledge can be invaluable. More than that, they have contacts that may be able to assist you. 

There are a few things to remember about having a study buddy. First be humble. You don’t know everything so don’t act like you do. There is nothing worse and more disheartening than listening to a braggart.  They big note and are not willing to be flexible, so avoid making this person your support. Big noters never get anywhere. They will start to make excuses and give up. Then they will try to get you to do the same. So avoid these people like the plague. 

Sharing information
Second, be willing to share information and be willing to listen to your friend even if it means facing up to a reality you are trying to hide from.  Remember you are in this group together to help each other. Holding back information will only create distrust and things will fall apart.

Third and finally, make sure that they are a good friend. That way not only can you be more open and honest with them, but you have more to talk about. Friendships are not built upon only having an interest in one area but having multiple interests. 

So go and find someone that you share some common interests with, a study buddy and start working together to make both of your lives better.  Whoever this person may be, get someone who you can share your journey with. Every trip is more fun when you have other people going along with you. 

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