Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Motivation - For Love (Love Kills)

I want to show you something.

This is the bike path Kerry and I have been riding late of a night. It’s wonderful to ride around Lake Macquarie at 9pm on a hot summer’s night. There are few people on the path, there is also  normally a cool breeze and the lights reflecting on the water are beautiful. 

There are a few other reasons for liking this track. It is pretty flat and it is close to home. It normally takes us about an hour to get the bikes in the back of the car, drive down to the lake and then to ride from Booragul to the Lions Park and back. 

I will be honest when I say I have fallen in love again with riding a bike and that is one of the key areas to success. I believe that you must love what you are doing to make it work. The more you enjoy it the more effort you will put into it and the greater the rewards. 

However let’s make a point here. Loving what you are doing does not mean you must love what you are actually doing. Did that not make it clearer? Ok, think about it like this, a person trying to lose weight may not actually like the physical effort that they have to do, but that may love the fact that they are losing weight. 

In a business sense, you may not like the product you are selling, but you may love the management side of it all. So loving what you are doing may not just be what you are doing, but love what you are achieving. 

If you can find both like I have with riding or writing or even with investing then you are in front. 

Let me show you something else.

This is another track that I rode by myself for the first time yesterday. It is known as the Fernleigh Track. It is an old train line that used to be for coal trains. A few years back the council took up the lines and made in a shared bike and walking track. It is another great ride through a thick bush setting, trees over hanging the track and you still go through the old tunnel. 

It is different from the first track because this is riding up and down a hill. From the top of the map to the 40min post, it is all up hill. Of course from there to the bottom of the map is all downhill. The problem then, of course, is that you must turn around. At that point the old saying for every up there is a down and vice versa really kicks in. 

I knew this when I coming down the hill, but I just didn’t care. The love of riding my bike, enjoying the surrounding, going through places I have never been before and using the time to revise my goals got me carried away. I was flying down the hill with the wind in my face and the world at my feet.
Reality can be a cruel mistress. 

I stopped at the bottom, had a quick drink and a stretch. I then hopped on my bike and started up the hill. The first part was hard but I knew I was going to do it. I had my pride. Plus plenty of gears to go through on the bike before I had to get off and start pushing the bike.  

As I rode up the hill I knew that I had to dig deep. It was long slow climb, and I was determined to get up without getting off my bike. However, it can be hard to find that inspiration. So I started singing out loud. I started singing the new version of Freddie Mercury’s Love Kills.

Thankfully, more for other people, there was no one else around to hear me. Because I love music and find it inspiring, it did a few things. It took my mind of the climb and it made me feel passionate. I then used that passion to motivate me to keep riding. 

I also kept going because I knew that I had a downhill run and an easier time once I got to the top.
So by combining my two loves, bike riding and music, I was able to achieve my goal. This is what I want you to think about. The more you love something, the more you will enjoy it. The more you enjoy it the more you will want to do and the more you will achieve. 

Let’s be realistic, you will not love everything you have to do in life. However, if you can keep your focus on what you want to achieve through all of the drudgery you will be able to change your perspective on the task. You can see the task as really horrible, or you can view it as a means to get you to you next goal. If you focus on you goals instead of the difficulty of the task, you will be more inspired and motivated to succeed.  Just like riding up the hill you will dig deep and keep yourself going. You will become more passionate and push yourself to get to your next goal.

I know that it can be hard. I will tell you that I cannot always do it myself. Yet if you can push yourself through the hard work then things will get better and you will have a better life. Please don’t give up when things get hard, annoying or boring. Just remain focused on what you are trying to achieve in the long run, what you love, and it will become easier. 

Success is something that comes from within. It is your mind set. Success is not external. No amount of wealth will make you feel successful, until you decide you want to feel that way.

So do what you love, and if you can, find a way to love what you are achieving no matter what you are doing.  Trust me the pain is worth the gain.

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