Friday, 10 April 2015

Change not for the Best

The new rules, not laws, on illegal downloading in Australia have left me wondering. First, why are only TV and movies being targeted? Sure I know they are still looking at the music industry, but what about porn? There are thousands of sites out there that people can illegally download legal porn (legal porn is consenting adult porn, not kiddy stuff). The porn industry lose money just like Hollywood, so what is the government doing about helping these legitimate businesses? Well nothing of course. Helping porn does not look good for the politicians and the people putting the new rules into place have no vested interest in the matter. I am not supporting the porn industry, I am just highlighting the fact that the telco's they are only out for themselves
Second, where are my rights to privacy? If I have done something illegal should I not be dealt with by the police? Why is it fine to just hand my details over to a Hollywood company that is going to make an example of everybody they can, regardless of what or how much you have downloaded? The answer again, is because the Australian telco's have a vested interest. They are running their own businesses to make money of TV and Movies. They want to be able to sue their customers the same as Hollywood. Your rights to privacy are unimportant when there is money involved. Remember big business only has big business in mind, they don’t care about you.

So how do you get passed this? You probably cant. It is a shame but when change happens you have stop fighting it and look for something different. I think we should be grateful they haven't blocked sites like they have in Brittan. If they did I would be out protesting. However, there is still away to get what you want, and not pay the rip off prices of the legal media sites, and still watch what you want when you want. First, go to Alibaba and get yourself a Blu-ray player that connects to your computer. I got one for $10 and it works fine and I have had it for 2 years. Second, get online and grab pavtube Blu-ray ripper. It is the best I can find. Third become a member of your local video store. You can hire a Blu-ray and pay Hollywood your money. Then you can watch it on your computer. If you decide to rip it to your computer, which is illegal, then that is your choice.

If Hollywood really cared about us, they would allow people from every country to watch whatever TV show or movie they want when they want. They can even put adverts in there, specific to each country, hell, even each state you live in. YouTube do it so why not Hollywood? Because they are lazy. They want us to go back to how it was before. But Hollywood, if we have to change, so do you.

There will be  a lot in the media about this over the next few months as Hollywood tries to sue people for exorbitant amounts. There will be fights over the rights to privacy. There will be winners and losers. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out over the next few months, if not years. Take care to ensure you do not get in trouble. However, this could be the tip of a very slippery slope. We could face the British model, or worse, the Chinese. Governments are terrified of the internet and its power, and like to follow after business, in this case Hollywood, have made the first steps. So don’t let businesses pull the wool over your eyes. Stay aware of the changes and it impact.

As I stated early, these changes are only happening in Australia now because the telco’s now want more money for TV and Movie subpar subscriptions that they offer. They are only worried about things that they have a vested interest in and not in the entire illegal download spectrum. They don’t care about your rights to privacy as they will stand in the way of them making money. They could, however, lead to more changes that have a greater impact on your freedoms. Be aware, and even a bit afraid, but most of all be vigil and prepare to change when needed.

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