Monday, 6 April 2015

Motivation - Life Review for a Successful Future

What is your next step? I ask this because everything you have ever done in your life has lead you to this point in time. Where you are now is exactly where all of your decisions, actions and motivation have led you. Maybe you are in a great spot right now. If you are that is fantastic. If you aren’t then you need to review what you have done, and what you are doing in your life and make some changes
As a teacher, every lesson I teach I am supposed to review. I need to look at it and say what worked well and what did not. The same can be said for businesses. Every time a business launches a new product they review everything, including the marketing, finances and public perception. There is nothing left to chance. Their motivation for this is to ensure that they have the best product on the market as possible. While a business or a new product launch maybe important, it is not as important as your life.

A business can go on for ever. Most successful business have been running now for 100 to 200 years, some even longer. They have time to learn, grow, adapt and change themselves over time. They change personal regularly and bring in new ideas and direction. So why don’t you?

Sure I know you don’t live 200 hundred years but that is about the only difference. You can continue to learn, grow, adapt and change. You can also bring new people into your life that will help bring fresh ideas and new direction. In fact it is one of the most important things you can ever do.

To keep life exciting you need to keep things fresh. You need to do things that you have new done before. You need to take risks and challenge yourself. You need to push yourself and test you limits. Nothing could be more boring in life than just doing the same thing over and over again. 

In fact most successful businesses learned early on that they couldn’t just do the same thing over and over again. If they did then the public will believe that they lack motivation, become bored with them and seek out new products. Businesses know that people want new things. They want new ideas and to try different products. It makes the business look progressive and keeps them image fresh in people minds. 

Think about it, do you really want to the same thing every day? I bet you don’t. Will that make you feel successful?  I don’t think it would. So it is time to review your life and decisions that you have made over time. You need to find the motivation to sit down and analyse your life. Of course this doesn’t mean that you need to totally pull your life apart but you must be honest with yourself. The more honest you are the better you will do in the long run. 

When you think about where you are now you need to be honest with yourself and admit to all the successes and failures that have led you here. That means taking time to review, more than anything else, who you are. Are you a motivated person? Are you a risk taker? Do you make decisions quickly or do you ponder them for days? Do you take rash actions, or do you collect the all the information you can first before you proceed? Are you brave, or are you timid? Are you confident, or are you shy? Do you feel successful or like a failure? 

There are a thousand other questions that could be asked about the type of person you are, however, if you are being honest with yourself and about your life, then you will ask those questions yourself anyway. There is one thing you need to remember before you start doing any review of yourself, there is no wrong or bad answer. Just because you are one way doesn’t make you weak or a failure. Being shy can be just as beneficial as being confident. Shy people make not take as many risks as confident people; however, a confident person may make more mistakes than a shy person.

While you are reviewing the type of person you are you also need to review the decisions and action you have taken over the years. Again be honest why did you choose to do or not do something? What stopped you from doing something? What made you do something else? Was the choice good or bad for you in the long run? Did your choice make your life better, or did it detract from your enjoyment of life

You see if we don’t ask the questions and review our actions and choices then we are doomed to repeat our mistakes. We fail to learn from the past and that means our future will not be much different, and that becomes boring.  A boring life lacks motivation and you do not want that. 

I like to think about my actions and choices on a regular basis. It helps to keep my motivation and  focused on my goals and to make better decisions in life. The better choices I make in my life, the better my life will be. That doesn’t mean that I don’t still make bad decisions, it just means I learn from those decisions so that I don’t repeat them in the future.

I will also tell you the type of person I am. I am a shy person. I am a timid person. I am scared of a lot of things. I am also lazy and can make rash decisions. 

I know that all sounds odd for someone that is a motivational speaker. However, the benefits of doing this review is learning you strength and weaknesses. If you know what you are good at you can work to make them stronger. If you know what your weaknesses are, you can then take action to turn them into strengths in your life. You can build your confidence and become more willing to do things. However, you cannot improve a weakness if you don’t know what they are in the first place.
Once I knew, and admitted, what my weaknesses were I was able to take action to turn them around. It does not mean that I am not shy or timid any more, it just means that I have taken time to learn how to deal with these issues. I learned how to be more confident. I found ways not to be lazy and take action. I started look for motivation to move my life forward. It took time, but being willing to look at myself and be honest about who I am I was able to change my life for the better.

So it is time to sit down and be honest with yourself when you do your review. For your own sake, be honest. The more honest you are the better off you will be. Put yourself away from all distractions. Grab a piece of paper, on one side write strengths, on the other write weaknesses. Then I want you to write down all of your weaknesses first. Now it is important to write your weaknesses first. You see no one likes to admit to their faults. It can make us feel awful. So this is why you do it first, you get the horrible feels out first. Then when you do strength you can make yourself feel better again.

Of course once you have done weaknesses, write up your strengths. Again be honest. Don’t over state things. Lying to yourself about how good you think you are is just as bad as ignoring a weakness. If you over state your strength then you will not take action in the long run to improve them. 

Once you have completed both your strengths and weaknesses you need then decide how you will turn you weaknesses into strengths. To be successful, do one at a time. If you a lacking confidence, then you need to learn more about how to become more confident. If you are having trouble with decision making, then you need to work on developing to decision making abilities. There is nothing you cannot improve on. It may take time, but everything you think is a weakness can become strength, if you want it.
Then when you know your strength and weaknesses you can work on them to make improvements. You can start working towards your goals. Then I know you will start to have a better life. You will have the motivation to achieve more goals and be living the life you have always wanted. 

See you soon.

Terry Shadwell 

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