Monday, 27 July 2015

Freedom - The real key to motivation

Like most people, I find the best time to think is when I am alone. That, again like most people, happens when I am either on the toilet, in the shower or driving to work. That is when you start to talk to yourself and start to figure out all the solutions to your problems. And of course at all of those times you never a pen to write anything down.

Today on the way to work I was thinking about my motivational business. I know i want to help people. I want help people have a better life and to be all that they can be. That is one of the driving reasons I became a teacher and the main reason for doing my business.

The problem up until now has been that I did not know exactly what area to focus on. Should I talk about money, or investing, or business, or weight loss, or confidence? Do I become an expert in one area or another? What do people really want?

Well today it hit me. As I was getting out of the car to walk into my workplace it all of a sudden came clear. People want exactly what I want. They want freedom.

I want to be free to do the things that I love. I want to teach what I want to teach, not what someone else tells me. I want to go and do the things that I enjoy, not be stuck in one place. I want to be my own boss and have complete and utter control over my life. And I know so many people want that as well.

In fact, I now realise that people want freedom more than they want money or even power. People want to be their own bosses and not have to answer to anybody else. People want the right to choose their work hours and how they will live their lives. They want to be able to do what they love for a job, and do it from wherever in the world they want to be. That is freedom.

That is what I am going to start sharing with you. Of course, to be able to do all of this you will still need money, investments, a business and confidence, oh and a bit of weight loss never hurts. You will have to be willing to learn and be willing to try new things that may be well out of your comfort zone.

It will be totally different from where you are now. But that is where the fun lies.

I am scared at this point in time as I embark on new direction. To run my own business and to embrace the life of a digital nomad (more on that next week). I know I will fail, but I know I will learn and get back up again. However, it is when we do new things that life becomes exciting.

So take this journey with me. We will change our lives together. I will show you what I am doing so you can learn and even copy the parts that help you. You can also tell me where you did well. Because just like you I am learning also. Tell me your success stories and I will tell you mine.

The first thing I need to do is to get my web page up and running. I plan that to happen in the next two weeks. It will not be flash, but I will be able to give you more than just a blog. So keep an eye out for it.

Here is to the future, and here is to freedom.

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