Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Motivation - Power is not all that great

How do you define power? Most people would argue that power is the ability to control others. While that may be one aspect of power, it is not what I class as power. For me power is the ability to control my own life.

I have no desire to control other people. I think it maybe because to control other people you have to give up a lot of you time  to do it. Even though you can delegate work, controlling others takes a lot of time and effort that I personally just don't think it worth it.

Over the last few years I have worked hard to get myself into a good situation, both financially and time wise. I like my time off. I like to travel, go out for breakfast, or lunch and generally have a great time. I can not understand while people would want to give up all of that. Well, yes I can.

You see power is normally associated with money. People believe that the more power that they get in a job the more money they will make. While this may may be true for some people, it is not always the case.

Recently I was asked to take on a position of more power. I spoke to the manager and informed them that while I would be be happy to help, I did not want that position full time. I was clear with the manager that they could have me for three months and then they would have to get someone else. I believe three months is a fair time to find someone to take the full time position.

I know that the manager was disappointed that I wouldn't do the job longer, and probably hopes that in the long run I will change. I have bad news for him.

One of the reasons that I don't want the job is because I will have to give up so much of my free time. My time that I use to run my business, and in short, enjoy my life. As my business is a major concern to me, I will not give it up to work for somebody, and give them power over me. That goes against my principals of having control over my life.

The another reason is, I just don't need the money that goes with the job. In fact, through tax breaks I can earn more money than others that are doing the job. That is real power.

Plus I don't like those that seek power over other people, especially if it is for the money. Tin pot dictators. Insignificant little people that think because they have a little more power than the people below them make them superior.They use and abuse their people, to show off, and  to undermine people below them, just to make themselves feel good. I have words to describe them, however, I will not use them here, mind you, it rhymes with trucking punts.

True managers must work hard to help those underneath them to do better. Not seek power stand over others.

In the longer run, that is while I am taking this job temporary. I know the staff will need a break after they had suffered under a tin pot dictator. I want to give them a break and help them in their job, and help build their confidence again. Then I am out of there.

My advice to you. Seek to have power and control over your own life. It will make you far happier than controlling other people. You will have more free time and,  if you do thing right, more money. Hint, start a business, or investments, that give you great tax breaks.

"Those that seek power should nea be given it. Fuck'em all" Billy Connolly

See you soon.

Terry Shadwell 

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