Monday, 14 September 2015

Abbott V Turnbull - Australia has had enough

Once again Australia is facing another leadership challenge for the position of Prime Minister. This time it is Malcolm Turnbull v’s Tony Abbott. Before I go any further let me go on record to say that I do not like either of these men. Let me go even further and say that I do not trust anybody in parliament.

Tony Abbott, Shadwell
Tony Abbott
This leadership contest is just a sign of egos getting ahead of politics. This was seen when Labour went through the same process, twice. The thing that must be remembered is that this is not just an ego trip for Abbott and Turnbull but for the whole Liberal party.

I have been listening to all of the politicians speak this evening about this challenge and there is one strong message coming through. Each of them have said that they want to have a strong leader to get them to the next election. They want someone one will help them win the next election. That is the most self serving thing I have heard.

By making statements like that, each pollies has told us that they are not interested in running the country and making the hard decisions. They are just inter

ested in keeping their jobs. They are just interested in maintaining the pay checks and the power. How grubby of them.

Malcolm Turnbull, Shadwell
Malcolm Turnbull
I have a message for all of you bozo’s in Canberra tonight, including the Labour party. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU! You took on this job to do the best for this country. You swore an other to the people of Australia that you would work for them. Not work just to just get yourself reflected

Working for the best of Australia also means working together in the lower house. Both Liberal and Labour need negotiate laws and come to the best outcome. Not scream like little children across the room. It is pathetic. You need to work together not just try and block each other's laws and try and score cheap political points.

As you most of you have openly stated that you are trying to get a leader to take you to win the next election, I have to question your policies. If you are willing to throw out your elected leader for self interest, what type of polices are you setting? Instead of policies for the best of the country, how many of them have been to win votes and to keep your business friends rich?

I am not here to talk about Abbott or Turnbull as individuals. They are just the tip of the iceberg of the shambles that Australian politics are in at the moment. Swapping Abbott for Turnbull will not fix things. The trouble run much deeper, deeper than the greedy politicians that just want to keep their jobs and their perks.

The Australian Government (both side of the lower house) is inept. They are self centred and incompetent. They panda too much to news polls and about the every whim of large corporations.

Australians have had enough. We have had enough of all the crap that is going on. Abusing the power you have through travel entitlements, refusing to answer questions and giving yourself out landish pay rises.

The poor policies on asylum seekers. The refusal of gay couple to marry. The scare tactics utilise to promote the threat of terrorism. And the erosion of freedoms in a thinly veiled attempt to gain even more power.

I have stated before that there is a revolution coming. It will start with the economic crash. Then the lawmakers that allowed the corrupt to crash the markets and the people that crashed it will have to face the music. They will be taken from their ivory towers and they will be forced to pay for their greed and their crimes.

When politicians start to fight for power, countries fall apart. However, this does not have to be the case.

Regardless of who is leader, every single politician needs to stop focusing on their own jobs and start doing what is needed for the country.

The Australian Flag, Shadwell
The Australian Flag
If you focus on doing the best for the country you will win your seat back again. You won't need flashy ads or to bribe electorates with big promises. The people will know and maybe, just maybe, start to believe you again.

I know the policy of politicians going into parliament to help their fellow Australians and not just to line their pockets is a radical idea. However, it may just work. I would suggest giving it a try, because the alternative is continued parties in a mess and Australia going down the path of potential civil war.

If you think that this may be an extreme, it has happened in other countries before, including the US, it will happen again. That is, if you don't change your way from today.

Terry Shadwell

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